Monday, 17 December 2012

The story centres around Camilla, a medium, who buys, following the advice of her grandmother, a farmhouse called Rosehill. From the moment Camilla enters the house she is met by a variety of Spirits, all with some sort of story to tell her and a mystery for her to solve! Its a very spooky book and Kathryn's descriptions of Camilla's encounters with the Spirit world make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end! As if that wasn't enough, Kathryn introduces a love interest for Camilla. However, there's a story behind this too and a Spirit is determined to make this relationship as complicated as possible for Camilla. As if a relationship between a Medium and Reverend Marcus Calloway isn't going to be complicated enough!
So, not only do you have a touch of the paranormal, being scared out of your wits and extremely likable characters, and a mystery but you also have romance! What else could you ask for! I'd strongly recommend reading at night, in the quiet! I guarantee you will be a bundle of nerves by the end of the night! I was convinced I could see shadows moving out of the corner of my eye! As I was reading it one night my mobile phone rang just as I got to a particularly spooky bit in the book. I almost jumped right out of my skin! Theres also a really good twist at the end of the story that I didn't expect. So good!

Kathryn Brown is a truly talented writer and I look forward to further books. 
Discovery at Rosehill can be purchased in either paperback format or Kindle format.

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  1. I'm in the middle of reading Discovery at Rosehill and I'm absolutely loving it. Kathryrn writes beautifully and I love the eeriness of the ghost aspect!

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