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Merry Christmas from Brook Cottage Books!

The last year has been an absolute whirlwind of reviews, promo posts etc. I have enjoyed each and every moment of it all. Being shortlisted for an Industry Award this year too was just absolutely amazing! Some of you have had to be super patient waiting for me to eventually read your book. But you are all incredibly understanding of my huge workload.

Brook Cottage Books would not be here if it were not for the wonderful support from readers, authors and publishers. You are all absolutely amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to 2014 being equally wonderful and making many more new friends. As a thank you, if the blog manages to get 100 followers by midnight on New Years Day Eve, then I will have a prize draw on 2nd January 1st January and one lucky follower will receive a £10 Amazon voucher. So tell all your friends and family about Brook Cottage Books!

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish  everyone a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. Brook Cottage Books will be back in January with more fab book posts! Love you all. 


Checking Inn - Emily Harper Launch Day Tour

Checking Inn Launch Banner
Welcome to the Launch Day Tour for Emily Harper's new novel Checking Inn!
The book is officially released today so why not start celebrating the upcoming festivities with a fantastic new read nestled in your stocking . .
What they say:
‘Kate Foster runs the Summerside Inn (and her life) by well-organized checklists. 

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00025] 
Make sure the caterers don’t serve devil’s food cake to the Christian Women’s Alliance– check. Tell my mother that having a séance to get rid of any unwanted spirits in the kitchen during dinnertime is not okay- check. Send a friendly reminder to all staff that the pens are colour coded for everyone’s enjoyment, and therefore it is not a good idea to put them all in one jar in order to “spice things up” as was anonymously suggested– check. But, when an acclaimed hotel critic dies at the Inn, just before she’s about to publish a scathing review that would ruin the business, Kate’s life and checklists are thrown into disarray. And it doesn’t help matters that the detective assigned to the case is messy, unorganized, and too charming for his own good. Now Kate has to prove her innocence and save her Inn, or else the only thing that she’ll be organizing is the prison’s next bake sale.’   

Buy This Book - 

Author Bio:
Emily Harper has a passion for writing humorous romance stories where the heroine is not your typical damsel in distress. Throughout her novels you will find love, laughter, and the unexpected!
Originally from England, she currently lives in Canada with her wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, mischievous son, and a very naughty dog.
Emily is also the author of the funny and charming novel White Lies, which has proven to be a huge hit with fans. The book will even be appearing on The Marilyn Denis Show as a giveaway next month! For more information on the book please visit or
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Praise for Emily
'The story bounces along, sweeping the reader up along with it, and has a feel-good factor that makes it both unputdownable and downright fantastic'
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Emily Harper Books

Guest Post - Lorraine Wilson

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to have Lorraine Wilson back on the blog with another guest post in celebration of the publication of Revenge of a Chalet Girl. Thanks Lorraine.

Writing my first Christmas novella

As both my chalet girl books so far are set in winter they have included Christmas and New Year but I was asked to make the third more Christmassy by my editor (her actual words were 'where are the sleigh bells?'). 

So I thought about what I love to do in Switzerland in December and sat down to write a new scene in which the whole gang go down to the Christmas markets on the lakeshore of Montreux. It's one of my favourite places at any time of the year but in winter the view across to Evian and the French Alps is simply stunning. Add in hundreds of chalet stalls laden with delicious food and unique Christmas present ideas, the medieval market within the walls of Chateau Chillon and some vin chaud and the setting is pretty much perfect.

In fact I made myself long to be there again, so much so that when my husband suggested we go again this year I caved instantly, thus making the scene the most expensive set of revisions ever!

I even gave my editor her sleigh bells, although I have a feeling I didn't include them in quite the way she intended ;-)

Revenge of a Chalet Girl by Lorraine Wilson (Publication date: 19/12/2013)

All she wants for Christmas is…revenge.

When chalet girl Amy Wright finds her ex’s name on Chalet Repos’ guest list she sees her chance to get back at him – Josh Carter, the guy who broke her heart. Getting revenge without losing her job will be tricky but luckily the other chalet girls are on hand to offer their support. Pretty soon she’s in too deep and realises she doesn’t want to hurt him anymore. She wants him back.

There’s just one teeny complication…

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Author in the Spotlight - Amanda Saint

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to have Amanda Saint as the Author in the spotlight. Amanda has contributed to an anthology and the book's profits go directly to charity. Lets find out a little bit more about Amanda and that anthology.
Author bio

Stories for Homes Facebook group:
Retreat West website:


Promo Post - Charles and Edward by Beau Garcon De La Nuit

A tale of true love.  When two souls meet in a chance encounter, they didn't know that it would be a day that would change both of their lives forever.  
Set in the years leading up to the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee of 2012, this is a very modern love story with a unusual twist. Across the class divide that separates the extremely wealthy from the common man in modern day England, two men meet and form a most unlikely bond.True love has no barriers and can strike anyone anywhere when they least expect it. Once felt it will stop you in your tracks and all you will be able to think about is the object of your affections.

Edward is a humble young man from south London, born into a poverty stricken and mixed up family with no hope of a good future. With a  single mother addicted to drugs, abused as a child and adopted at a young age, Edward is trying hard to make a better life for himself anyway he possibly can.  Dreaming of a future with infinite possibilities where dreams can come true if you just wish hard enough. 

One day he meets his knight in shining armour, a member of the British aristocracy, who comes into his life and turns it around in a whirlwind fantasy.
A chance encounter leading to a lasting love affair that will change his life for ever.

Set in London amidst the hustle and bustle of Mayfair, St James, Knightsbridge and Belgravia, Edward finds himself whisked up into a world beyond his imagining.  The best restaurants and finest hotels in London are a big part of his new life.  No more Butlins in Skegness for Edward as he starts to be taken on a jet set first class ride..  Places he had only seen in posh magazines now become his holiday destinations.  From the glamour of the upper east side in New York, to the sheer luxury of Provence in the South of France, to the beauty of southern Italy in Positano, Ravello and Capri, he starts to live the life he had always dreamed about.  

Will events change Edward?  Can he remain the humble young man he was when his affair with a member of the British aristocracy starts?  Or will he become caught up in all the glamour and luxury and lose himself amongst the finer things in life?  All is revealed in this love story that crosses the class divide.

A Belle De Jour meets Pretty Woman for the 21st century.  Like the love letters between King Edward and Wallis Simpson before they become the Duke and Duchess of Windsor mixed in with Diary Of A Manhattan Call Girl. A tale with a message and underlying morality.  Can you really have everything you want without paying a price?   Is it really worth it to gain the world if you lose yourself and the morals you have been brought up with?  Sometimes laugh out loud funny, other times heart rending, this is ultimately a very sobering message of morals and the importance of staying true to oneself.  As you read you will find yourself vividly imagining what you would do and encouraging Edward to be true to his word and himself. Sometimes enough is never enough and the more you have the more you want, but life will always find a way of teaching you the lessons you need to learn.  

 Author Bio

Beau Garcon De La Nuit is a exciting new author from London England. He is a bit of an enigma, as it is a mystery as to what he looks like and who he actually is. Just like when the novel The Cuckoo's Calling was released by a famous author under the pen name of Robert Galbraith, Charles and Edward is a novel of such a high caliber that the general consensus is that Beau Garcon De La Nuit must be a already established author to have produced such a fine piece of fictional work.  Who is Beau Garcon De La Nuit?! It has added to the excitement surrounding the release of Charles and Edward that no one actually knows who he actually is.
Big things are in store for 2014 with Charles and Edward as the author has been in talks with several American production company's about the film and tv rights for the novel as it would make a smash hit movie they feel.
So watch this space, Charles and Edward could be coming to a screen near you in the very near future. . . . .


Promo Blitz - The Holiday Survival Guide by Jane O'Reilly

The Holiday Survival Guide
By Jane O’Reilly
Release 1st January 2014

Witty, clever, and sharp. It's going to be the holiday from hell...and that's just how Erica wants it.

When tabloid journalist Erica Parker is forced to take a holiday, she's determined to make it the most miserable holiday she possibly can, but not even her impressive imaginative powers could have come up with sharing a tent with survival expert Nathan Wilde.

Nathan was a married man with a successful TV show before Erica got to work on his life. Now the hottest man she’s ever met is single, furious, and he’s got her alone in the wilderness for three long days…

Goodreads Praise for Once A Bad Girl : Once A Bad Girl is an amazing debut by author Jane O’Reilly. It is actually hard to believe that it is a debut novel. The interlaced humour and sensuality in this story sucked me in from the start and held me captive throughout...”

Jane O‘Reilly writes for both Escape and Carina UK. The Holiday Survival Guide is her third title with Escape.
Perfect for fans of Victoria Dahl

About the Author

Jane O’Reilly started writing as an antidote to kids’ TV when her youngest child was a baby. Her first novel was set in her old school and involved a ghost and lots of death. It’s unpublished, which is probably for the best. Then she discovered contemporary romance, and that, as they say, was that. She lives near London with her husband and two children. Find her at, on Twitter as @janeoreilly, Facebook or email her at


Blog Tour - Overwhelm Me by A.C Marchman

Overwhelm Me Banner
My whole body tingles, and I can’t help but feel turned on. I’ve never though about a guy this way, so fast. It’s so sudden, but it feels so right. But don’t become a one-night stand, I tell myself. Don’t be one of those girls.
Title: Overwhelm Me Series: Callahan Series Author: A.C. Marchman Publication date: Nov. 3, 2013 Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC


**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.
Allie Marshall has dealt with a traumatic past that she desperately wants to keep buried... After moving to Atlanta to escape her old life and pursue her dream of becoming a Physician Assistant, with the help of her roommate, Livey, she's finally gotten her life back on track and will be graduating from Emory University with honors. When she meets Donovan Callahan--a sexy and wealthy doctor who Allie cannot resist... Their relationship starts off intense and full of passion. Donovan wants to give Allie the world. But she soon learns he was involved with Claire Dubois, a reality star convicted of murdering her husband. Will she stick by his side when all of his baggage comes to the surface? Or will she be overwhelmed and turn her back on him?
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About A.C. Marchman

AC Marchman headshot
I'm a wife and mommy above all. I'm also a writer and an x-ray tech. I don't have much spare time and I wouldn't have it any other way. I fell in love with writing back in middle school. I loved to write short stories and poems. Then I got married and had a family, so my writing had to take a back burner. I finally got the time to start reading again, which in turn, ignited my love of writing all over again. I have done what I never thought I would do; publish a book and have people read it!
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Author in the Spotlight - Pete Cook.

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to have as the featured author today, Pete Cook. This is Pete's first visit to the blog and hopefully not his last! Pete very kindly agreed to an interrogation interview! But first, here's a little about Pete! Enjoy!

Hi, I am Pete Cook. I was born in 1974 in Bedfordshire and up until the birth of my daughter in 2006 I had no idea that I had a love of writing. The circumstances surrounding the early years of my daughter’s life prompted me to put pen to paper and since then I just can’t stop. I love it. I find it so enjoyable.

My first book (and only published book so far) is all about coping with a poorly daughter and the hopes and fears that surely every parent must go through when faced with such testing times. But I have so much more to write about, and so much more that I have already written. Being 'new' to writing means I have a lot to learn but I am going to enjoy the ride none the less.


I knew becoming a dad for the first time would have its tough times. I just didn’t realise how tough. But then I hadn’t reckoned on anything other than a ‘normal’ birth. And perfectly healthy offspring. It had crossed my mind of course, but how many of us really think it could happen to us?

 I’d certainly never imagined I would have to stand by and watch my little girl, 2 days old, being driven off in an ambulance with its lights flashing and sirens blaring. Isn’t that just something that happens to other people?  Our destination was Addenbrookes Hospital, the specialist hospital for babies in our area. I had never been so frightened.

My story takes us through the years of my post university life. Meeting my now wife and the subsequent years that followed. The birth of my daughter and the worrying times that lay ahead.

I have been ever present since the birth of my little princess. Changed her first nappy and carried her to the operating theatre for her first operation and every subsequent operation. I have been consoled and been the one consoling.

I have had many days and nights when my emotions and those of my wife and extended family have been stretched to a limit above and beyond anything I ever thought I would be able to cope with. But I have also laughed so hard its hurt.

This book takes in everything. From simple tales of splashing about in puddles, changing nappies and ending up with the contents of a soiled nappy on my forehead, to not being able to pick my daughter up for a cuddle as she was “way to poorly” and being told by an intensive care nurse “I genuinely thought she  was going to die”.

 I’ve had days when I have thought “why us” and days where I have been thankful it wasn’t us.

I never thought anything could be more frightening than that first operation when Charlotte was just two weeks old. But then came open heart surgery in Gt Ormond St. and what happened in Addenbrookes in June 2008 made the heart surgery operation feel more like a check up at the dentist. Seven operations later and the memories are as fresh as if it was yesterday.

Being a parent is the most amazing experience that has ever happened to me and ultimately I love being a dad, it is without doubt the best feeling in the world,  If we could just stop having to go through so many life saving operations………..

JB: Tell the blog readers a little bit more about who Pete Cook really is – job, hobbies etc

PETE: Well, I'm fast approaching the big 40 and with the exception of 3 years spent at College in Doncaster I have lived in or around Bedford all my life. My day job is working for a Housing Association in the Development department. I am in charge of 'Asset Development' which in brief means I look at our existing assets and work out what needs repairing, managing or just plain knocking down in favour of shiny new houses.  My hobbies, aside from writing, involve football, golf and just messing about with my two kids (there really is nothing like spending time with your kids.) I insist that every day I hear them laugh. Even if it does mean pinning them down and tickling them. If I have any time spare after this then chances are I will be sat down watching something funny (I love comedy) whilst eating pizza.

JB: Do you hope to someday become a full time writer?

PETE:Yes, yes and yes again. Being in a position to write full time really is the dream. I  have no idea if it will ever happen (a lottery win to help pay off the mortgage would help) but in the mean time I will just sit and write whenever I get the opportunity, release more books and enjoy the ride whilst it lasts.

JB: When your daughter was ill, did you keep a diary at the time of what was happening or did you write the book retrospectively?

PETE: A combination of the two really. Ironically had Charlotte (my daughter) not been poorly then I may never have discovered my love of writing. I originally put pen to paper on the advice of a Councillor when Charlotte was first taken into intensive care. He advised me to write all of my hopes and fears down as it would serve as a great coping mechanism. Turns out he was right!  Then when Charlotte was allowed home we had a 'welcome to the world party' to introduce her to all of our family and friends and with the invites I sent out a little story of  what we had been through. Then when we found out Charlotte needed another operation I used writing as a coping tool again and the same for the next operation and the operation after that and so on. Before I knew it and by luck (bad luck?) rather than design I had enough stories to fill a book.   I then wrote retrospectively about everything else. And I didn’t want the book to be all doom and gloom. I wanted people to be able to relate to us as well, to be able to smile in recognition of the things every parent goes through which is why I've quite deliberately included normal, everyday stories. Although I’m not sure getting your child's poo on your forehead could be described as normal!

JB: How long did it take you to complete the book?

PETE: Once I made the decision to turn all of my little mini stories into a book I would guess it took me about another 6 months to complete. Writing at every conceivable opportunity. But the mini stories were originally written over a 3 year period. Writing about it also served to relieve the boredom of being sat by Charlotte’s hospital bedside for days, sometimes weeks on end.

JB: Tell us a little about what you are writing at the moment.

PETE: I've got a sit com that I have written that I keep updating and tinkering with occasionally but in the main I am working on a new, totally different book. It will be my first fiction book. It is only in its early stages but it’s about friendship, bullying and growing up in the 80's. It’s giving me a great opportunity to look back at the things I remember from my childhood. The story itself is a work of fiction but I'm throwing in a few trips down memory lane for those that read it too.

JB: Do you have any writing rituals? – e.g music on in background?

PETE: No rituals really. At least I don’t think I have. My wife reminds me that as a male I am only capable of doing one thing at once and to be fair, when I am writing, world war 3 could be kicking off around me and I wouldn’t have a clue. I just go into this little world of my own and time just flys by.

JB: What kind of books do you like to read?

PETE: I will read almost anything to be honest. As a kid I loved Roahl Dahl (who didn’t) then I moved on to Terry Pratchet followed by Stephen King but I will read anything really. Next on my reading list is David Jason’s Autobiography. I've loved pretty much everything he has done so it'll be great to read about his off screen antics.

JB: Most importantly, tell us how your daughter is now?

PETE: Charlotte is doing really well thank you. We have check-ups every two years now and only last week we had the all clear for another two years on her heart. We really are a very lucky family. We did have some very tough times in the early days but these tough times are now parked and  thankfully, hopefully, they are all behind us now and I've got two happy and healthy normal (whatever normal is) children.

JB:  Any writing tips?

PETE: I really am not sure I am best placed to answer that. All I can say is that when I write I do it from the heart and write openly and honestly. My new book is non fiction but I have tried to get into the head of the main character  and write as passionately as I can as if I were him. But then I guess all writers do that.

When the book is finished though, I can definitely advise people to get on line and mingle with fellow authors and writers. I have learned that its actually harder to market / promote your book than it is to write it but  the internet is awash with people who will help and offer advice. I am quite genuinely amazed at the kindness of the people I have met through my book. So many people have given up their free time to offer help and advice. I have met, and continue to meet some genuinely wonderful people all of  whom are happy to help and support each other. And as it turns out its also incredibly good fun.

To add to the above I would also like to thank brook cottage books JB and all the other writers bloggers and book fans  that I have met online. All such a simply wonderful group of people.

JB: Thanks so much to Pete for taking the time to visit the blog and answer lots of questions. I think everyone will agree that his book sounds wonderful and well worth a read. 


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