Thursday, 27 December 2012

Jack Messenger and Ivan Charles are partners in the music management business. Both have very different styles of management. Ivan is ruthless, self-centred, womanising and egotistical. Jack is a kind, reliable and trustworthy with a sensible business head and a set of morals. Into this unlikely partnership throw in Kendall Bryce, up and coming pop sensation who has the same effect as a hand grenade with everyone and anyone she comes into contact with. She is ambitious and selfish and has tunnel vision where her career is concerned. Along the way, there are casualties caught up in the war raging between Ivan, Jack and Kendall. Casualties such as Catriona Charles, Ivan’s wife who is a kind and trusting woman, unfazed by the glitz of the music management business.
This is a story of ruthless characters that don’t care about anyone but themselves. Even those characters that appear to have some scruples are forced to fight dirty. There are very few characters that are likeable in this book. However, I think that’s the point. The book has a feel of Jackie Collins about it and is a very enjoyable read full of interesting, complex and glamorous characters! We are given a glimpse into the star studded world of the music business with all its backstabbing and quests for fame, no matter what the price. Throw in a bit of sex and interesting characters and you have a book that is hard to put down.
*This review appeared on and I was lucky enough to be sent an advanced reading copy of the book which was a lovely limited edition hardback.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    If it compares to Jackie Collins, that's praise indeed. Well done, Tilly and JB! :) xx

  2. I haven't read Tilly Bagshawe for ages. Thanks for the heads up... another one for the Kindle, me thinks! :)

  3. Dizzy C says:

    I have not yet read a Tilly Bagshawe.
    Maybe it is time I did so


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