Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The military are attempting to produce a new kind of weapon. A biological weapon in the form of the perfect fighting soldier. Indestructible and deadly. The test subjects are 12 prisoners who have committed heinous crimes. Amongst them also six year old Amy who has been abandoned by her mother. The subjects are all people who will not be missed. They have no family. They do not exist. But, there is something different about Amy. Something very special. Things don’t go according to plan and man’s greed for world domination ends in disaster when the virus created to produce such a solider gets out of control. The resulting creations are a type of vampire…….or Virals as the world comes to know them as.
The book follows the survivors of the apocalyptic way of living brought about by the Virals creation. A group of people who appear to be destined to bring about a change to this new world ..... To join the war in the fight against the Virals. And, alongside them there is Amy again. What secrets does she possess? Why is she so special? Can one little girl make any difference?

This book is a cross between THE STAND, I AM LEGEND and THE ROAD. It’s a very long book but well worth the time spent reading it.
I became totally engrossed in this book. But beware; it is not the type of book that you can dismiss easily. It leaves you thirsty for more and once you start reading it you will find it difficult to put down. There are many characters to try to remember but that’s OK. You become emotionally involved in their plight. You search for answers with them. It’s the type of book that requires commitment. Highly recommended. The sequel, The Twelve is also available (review on the blog soon). The third instalment in the trilogy is due out next year and I for one cannot wait!

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  1. H1 Parts says:

    Great review :D I've never heard of this book before, but I must say it sounds pretty awesome. I do love books about monsters and such. I'm glad you mostly enjoyed it, and I hope you'll enjoy the next one :D

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