Monday, 4 March 2013

100 Little Words on Parenthood is a lovely little book. Its the type of book that makes you smile and nod appreciatively. Its the type of book that makes you think, 'oh yes I remember that!' It is not a fictional book but a collection of memories, advice and lovely snippets of quotes and poetry that relate to the highs and lows and roller coaster of parenthood. The overall consensus seems to be that parenthood is a huge shock to the system and changes us in more ways than we could ever imagine from the time the pregnancy test gives a positive reading.
The book is divided into sections such as Pregnancy, Birth, Breastfeeding etc and even discusses teens! In each of these sections people from all walks of life give up their stories and anecdotes about what parenthood has meant to them. All done in 100 little words. What I liked about the book is we are given a little bio on each contributor with links to their various websites and blogs. The contributors range from writers to bloggers to professionals, grandparents etc. All with a common bond - children have a way of coming into our lives and changing it in so many ways and on so many levels! There's a whole variety of people representing all walks of life, each offering the reader a peek into their own experiences.
I really enjoyed reading this book. At times it made me laugh so loudly that my husband thought I was crazy! Many of the experiences also made me get a little emotional and I shed a tear for times gone by. And, if I'm honest, it made me a little broody. At that point my husband was going to hide my kindle to stop me reading any more of the book! 100 Little Words on Parenthood is such an easy read and I really enjoyed it. Well done to Charlie Plunkett for writing such a little masterpiece!
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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review of 100 Little Words on Parenthood I can't wait for the other contributors to see it they will be thrilled to receive such praise.
    Charlie x

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