Friday, 15 March 2013

In her attempts to avoid having to go work for her father, Holly is thrown into all manner of temping jobs. Jobs that make Holly question if there is the 'perfect' job out there for her. She spends a lot of time writing out her career plans in her lovely new jazzy notebook, her funky pen and sparkly post-it notes to boot! However, Holly soon realises that perfect job might not be out there for her after all.

Thrown into the mix are 3 men who are determined to complicate Holly's life - James the sleazy ex. Stephen the current love interest who is just not floating Holly's boat and Gavin who gives her butterflies every time she sees him but is just out of reach. Could things get any weirder or confusing for poor Holly? Decisions need to be made with regards to Holly's career and her future happiness.
This was a nice quirky story. Holly is a totally ditzy character who often gets herself into the strangest of situations. She was at times infuriating but I could so identify with her, especially her passion for notebooks! She is overly naive and I found myself often groaning, 'oh Holly!' She can be a bit silly at times. Holly is luckier than she realises with 3 men in her life! In her search for the perfect job will Holly eventually find the perfect man? Does he even exist?

Its a fun rom-com with some laugh out loud moments. Its a feel-good story. Easy, light reading.
This is the sort of book that's perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the fire or lounging by the pool on your holidays.

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