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Francesca  is 15 years old and prefers to be called Frankie. Ever since her brother had a freak accident that has left him in a coma for the last couple of years she has felt like an outsider amongst her peers. Her only true friend being her brother Michael's dog Bally. Frankie worries constantly about her mother and has a good, but tentative relationship of sorts with her stepfather. Just when Frankie's life couldn't get any stranger, whilst out walking Bally she 'accidently' summons a Griffin from another world. And, for good measure, his Rider comes along too!
The Rider is a quiet and mysterious young man who Frankie finds infuriating. But, she agrees to help him and Balkind, his griffin, get back to their own world. However, the secret of the Griffin is not Frankie's alone and she soon discovers that there are other, more dubious characters who have a vested interest in acquiring a griffin. They are prepared to use Frankie's family's desperation to have Michael come back to them from his own other world as a bargaining tool. Will Frankie and The Rider be successful in their quest or will darker forces stop them achieving their goal. For Frankie, a lot rests on her ability to be The Griffin Cryer and summon Balkind and save her brother in the process!
The Griffin Cryer is a Young Adult book and not my usual genre. However, once I started reading it I could not put it down! I was totally hooked! I was instantly transported back to my early teen years when this was just the sort of book that I adored. The excitement and sense of adventure are palpable and to be honest, I felt like I used to when I was a teen with my nose constantly stuck in a book that held a world of fantasy, full of magical creatures and dark and brooding strangers. I loved it!
Julia Hughes has created a wonderful host of characters, right down to the villainous Professor! The book also, in a subtle yet effective way, explores the complexities of loneliness, family relationships, and grief for a life hanging in a state of limbo. I loved how gutsy Frankie was and her fearless loyalty to her family. This is a story that just holds the promise of further adventures for Frankie! This is the first book I have read by Julia Hughes and I look forward to reading more by this very talented author.
The Griffin Cryer is available to buy on paperback from 26th March. To celebrate the paperback release the book will be available to download FREE on 26th March. Brook Cottage Books has been lucky enough to be given a signed paperback ARC of The Griffin Cryer by the lovely Julia Hughes. All you have to do to win a copy is leave a comment below and your name will be picked using on the 30th March with the winner being announced on the events page HERE !


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you JB, I hope all your readers enter this free contest, and grab the ebook version when it goes free on Tuesday 26th March:)


  2. This is a gorgeous cover and the story sounds right up my street. One odd thing - it's the third book I've come across in three weeks with a heroine called Francesca. That's about the same number as I've met in the real world over a lifetime!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great review!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you A; JB's reviews really are fab! and thank you Stephanie, Snap! The guy who came to repair my kitchen ceiling was also called Frankie:) ... You'll have to start looking out for low flying griffins next!
    Julia x

  5. I love YA books (both writing and reading them!) and this sound right up my street :)

  6. I love this book - and agree with Stephanie re cover. Nadica's covers are fantastic.

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