Sunday, 7 April 2013

Welcome to Brook Cottage Books first children's book feature. The first children's book to be reviewed is Sidney, Stella and the Moon by Emma Yarlett.  A picture book, published by Templar Publishing.

Book Description from the Publisher:

'This debut picture book is the tour-de-force of the imagination by exciting new talent Emma Yarlett. Twins Sidney and Stella love doing everything together......everything except sharing. When a quarrel over a bouncy ball spells moon-sized disaster, the twins must face their biggerster ever challenge: working together to find a new moon!'

This beautiful hard backed book is aimed mainly at children aged 3+ and will be a  hit with younger readers and their parents. It's the type of book that kids would just love as a bedtime story. I read the book with a young child I work with who is 4 years old. She adored the story and we read the book at least 3 times during our time together. The book is aimed at both boys and girls.

 The illustrations are truly beautiful and there's a surpise hidden amongst the middle pages, with them opening up together to form a huge page. The illustrations give children and parents lots to talk about when reading the story. As a parent, I love books that have a message within their story, and this lovely book teaches small children about the importance of sharing and working together. A valuable lesson that's not always easy to achieve with kids. Again, the book provides the opportunity for further discussion about the subject. I look forward to reading more Sidney and Stella adventures and seeing more of Emma Yarlett's beautiful illustrations. She is obviously a very talented woman.


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  1. I love children's books... they really take me back in time. This one looks really adorable. Shame I don't have any kids!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi JB,
    This looks like a great read. I bet my little ones will just love it. Thank you!

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