Monday, 22 April 2013

A woman’s body, wearing priest’s robes is washed up in modern day Venice causing outrage given the Catholic Church’s dim view regarding the ordination of women. Kat Tapo is assigned to work the case, her very first homicide and with her superior Aldo they set out to uncover a series of mysteries, all linked to the murder with clues spanning across Italy, Croatia and America.

Holly Boland, an American soldier, based in Italy receives a Freedom of Information request regarding a Croatian general who may have held meetings at the army base prior to the conflict in Croatia. Soon Holly finds herself embroiled in Kat and Aldo’s investigation too.

Daniele Barbo, the genius mind behind the virtual world Carnivia is being held to ransom by the authorities who want access to the site. He is loath to allow this and faces a prison sentence. However, it soon becomes clear that Carnivia is also involved in the homicide case. The investigation uncovers information that threatens to shake the Catholic churches very foundations and undermine the authority of the United States government itself.

If you love Dan Brown with a bit of cyber-crime then read this book. It’s easier to read than Dan Brown’s books and it’s not just one for the boys, drawing the reader in, weaving a complex and clever plot throughout with strong female characters. Jonathan Holt has clearly done his research before writing this book, the first of a trilogy. A fantastic read!
The Abomination is released on 1st May.
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