Monday, 29 April 2013

Maggie and Sylvie are two strangers, living a plane ride from each other. They have polar opposite lifestyles and there is no reason for them to meet never mind be connected to one another. However, both women are part of a secret that is so earth shattering that it threatens their way of life, their sanity and their families.
Both Sylvie and Maggie find themselves lucky in love. Both have husbands that provide them with security and comfortable lifestyles. Sylvie's husband is so attentive and she often finds it hard to believe that she has been blessed with such a wonderful man, despite the fact that he often works away from home for long periods. This is the price to pay for happiness. Maggie's husband has provided her with the lifestyle she always dreamt of, allowing her to escape a childhood and an up-bringing that she would rather forget. Her life is a lie but one that she is happy to continue with, until she discovers a new lie! Image is everything and she will do all she can to protect what she has achieved.
With their respective children due to fly the nest, Maggie and Sylvie's lives are changing and transitioning  in ways that leave them both wondering what the future holds. However, a startling discovery by Sylvie's daughter Eve soon throws the two women together in the most unexpected of ways, and the pair fear for the future and for their children. Will they become allies or enemies?
I absolutely adored this book and its very difficult to write a review without risking too many spoilers. It had me hooked immediately. I loved the characters and how they evolved throughout the course of the book. The dilemma for the reader is, which of the two main female characters do you support? Or, in reality, is there really a choice to make? Both women have been the victim of unfortunate circumstances and both are equally deserving of sympathy. As their characters, personalities, strengths and weaknesses are exposed throughout the story, they become more or less the same person, dealing with similar issues and similar pain. It turns out they haven't been so different after all.
The story was gripping, tackling issues that are emotive and difficult and I will admit to shedding a few tears throughout the course of reading the book. Lets just say that I ended up having to go into another room to read the final chapter because not only did I want to savour it but I didn't want everyone to see me sobbing. The story takes a look at a situation that no wife or mother ever wants to find themselves in, with their lives very publicly on display for all to mock, criticise or dissect! A brilliant book and one I'd highly recommend!
*I received a copy of this book from Penguin UK for an honest, unbiased review.

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  1. FAB review. I can see you enjoyed this one, JB. Thanks for sharing! :) xx

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