Sunday, 26 May 2013

Penguin in Peril is written and illustrated by Helen Hancocks and is a lovely hard backed book for children aged 3+ years. It was published in February 2013 by Templar Publishing.

The story follows three very hungry cats who decide to steal a penguin to help them catch fish. So, off they go to the zoo and kidnap a poor penguin. However, the penguin soon escapes his feline captors and the story focuses on the penguin's quest to get back home to the zoo. But, he is mistaken for a nun and a waiter before finally getting home for his 'fish supper'. The cats get their just desserts for their crime - sent to jail with a lifetime of gruel!

This is a fun book that children will surely enjoy as they try to find the penguin as he tries to blend into his surroundings. The illustrations are beautiful and very colourful and Helen Hancocks uses a mixture of crayon, watercolour, ink and pen, combined digitally. A recommended read for all those parent and child bedtime story moments.


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  1. Nikki-ann says:

    I think my niece and nephew might enjoy this one. Great review, thanks :)

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