Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to be part of the book tour for Illicit Love by Jane Lark.
Set in Regency England, the book's main character Ellen Harding is trapped in an arrangement that means she is nothing more than a rich man's plaything. Life's cruel set of circumstances have left her living a life she hates and leaves her being used and abused and nothing more than a commodity. Of course she wants for nothing, as the mistress of Lord Gainsborough, a savage brute of a man. But at what cost? This is a life she is desperate to escape. But, just what does Gainsborough hold over her? What is she so afraid of? Then, a chance meeting with the extremely handsome Edward Marlow leaves Ellen confused by the strength of her feeling and her desire for a man she barely knows. Is it possible that Edward feels the same? Could he be her very own hero, if Ellen wants him to be or will he use her like most of the men she has known? There is much at risk for Ellen, and indeed Edward if the couple give in to their desires. The stakes are high and both stand to lose so much.
Not usually a reader of historical romances I have to say I loved this book. Its fantastically written and the language used by the  characters is rich with the language of Regency England and at times I felt like I was in right there in that particular period of time. It was amazing. Jane Lark has obviously researched this book well and has developed such likable characters and some wonderful villains! The plot is full of twists and turns and the romantic and erotic love scenes are very tastefully done but will leave you hot under the collar! Edward is a wonderful lover, romantic, dashing and is not afraid to share his feelings. Though, there is a dark and brooding side to him too. Where can I get an Edward Marlow?  Bravo to Jane Lark for this wonderful debut novel. A great piece of writing that will have me following Jane Lark's career with interest.

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  1. Jane Lark says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read and review Illicit Love, I'm really glad you loved it so much. It's great to have such positive feedback, and especially as this is my first book, really touching.

    Thank you,


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