Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Book blurb

You don't have to be a New Age flower-child to enjoy Pandora's correspondence with her supernatural penfriend. She's a newly single lady of a certain age and romance is still very much on the agenda. But who to choose? And can her spiritual buddy help her satisfy the longings of both her heart and soul?


Brook Cottage Books is pleased to announce that the second book in the series should be coming out soon. Carolyn Mathews is working hard on the book and of course Brook Cottage Books will keep you up in the loop with regards to a release date. I think you will all agree that Transforming Pandora sounds like a truly fascinating read. It is on my To Be Read list already!

Watch this amazing trailer for the book http://bit.ly/13TzjT9



About the Author
In a previous incarnation, Carolyn Mathews was an English lecturer and wrote material for language learners. Before that she had a chequered career ranging from Spanish bar work to the civil service. She is currently engaged in writing fiction with a spiritual dimension, her debut novel, ‘Transforming Pandora’, being the first in the Pandora series. She lives in Hertfordshire and practises meditation and yoga in the hope that eventually she’ll get them right.

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Have you noticed that the book cover for Transforming Pandora is advertised on the side bar of the blog.  Doesn't it look fab?! Would you like to advertise your book cover? Click HERE for details.



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  1. Sheryl says:

    It does sound like a fascinating read! And the cover does look fab! Thanks for sharing, JB! :) xx

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