Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Jason finds himself in a sticky situation. He is cornered in an alleyway by two muggers and he really doesn't fancy his chances of getting out of this in good shape. However, a mysterious woman comes to Jason's rescue, claiming that the muggers were in fact demons. Jason thinks she is nuts. However, after another chance encounter with the beautiful woman he now knows as Alex, Jason is now inclined to believe her. She tells him about the on-going war raging between demons and Guardians. Alex claims that Jason needs her protection, but Jason is unsure why this war even affects him at all. Jason is soon to discover that his destiny will lead him into a dark and frightening world that he feels ill-prepared for. Jason must dig deep into himself for courage as his life is due to take on a surreal quality.
If you like fantasy / horror novels then this book is the one for you. If you like demons, angels, vampires and the struggle between good and evil then its definitely the book for you. I felt it was a bit like a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Supernatural TV series.  I loved it!  Its so refreshing to see a strong female character who isn't afraid to kick some ass!

The story is very cleverly told in 3 ways  - journals, flashbacks to the past, and the present day. I liked the fact that the book flitted between different time periods as this provided the back stories to some of the characters and was totally necessary. For me, it made the story a lot more interesting. I thought it worked very well. The story is interesting and exciting and I loved the interaction between characters, especially between Jason and Alex. There were parts of the book that were totally creepy and a little gory and parts that I found myself laughing out loud at the witty banter between characters. I loved that! This book had me begging for more and I now wait rather impatiently for book 2 in the series as I am desperate to find out what happens next.

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  1. Sheryl says:

    I was sold on the cover. Love the review, JB! Thanks for sharing! :) xx

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