Sunday, 8 September 2013


Celebrate the messy energy, joyful surprise and miniature wonders of toddlers’ everyday life with this playful picture book by award-winning creator Ted Dewan. With short texts, bright artwork and appealing characters, Bing teaches us all that whatever happens it’s just a Bing thing, an ‘oops moment’ and nothing to get upset about.

In Bing: Get Dressed, Clever Bing has mastered putting on his clothes, with a little help from his constant companion Flop, but he’s struggling with the right order. And when he’s fully dressed, uh-oh, he has an accident. Don’t worry, Bing. It’s no big thing. Just get dressed all over again! That’s the Bing thing…



This is a lovely little book and the illustrations are very sweet, bright and big! Perfect for inquisitive minds and tired parents! Written with pre-schoolers in mind, it makes learning about getting dressed fun! And, lets face it, its not always easy to convince wriggling kids that its a good idea to get dressed.  With an easy to follow story-line and short, snappy sentences, younger kids will adore the very lovable Bing! It's a funny story about getting dressed that teaches children an important life-skill and also teaches that its ok to sometimes get it wrong too! Children learning without even realising it! I loved this little book as did my almost 3 year old Godson! He squealed and laughed the whole way through it. There are lots of other books in the series too that are well worth checking out!

Here are some of the books available! There's lots more in the series!


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