Monday, 16 September 2013

What's a girl, Lisa,  to do when she falls for a very handsome man in uniform, Adam? Offer to cater for his mother's golf club dinner of course! There's only one problem............ she's a disaster in the kitchen! Luckily she has a friend, Becky, who is a godsend and cook extraordinaire! Unfortunately Becky is having a few distractions of her own, in the shape of a very sexy photographer who is sending her temperature rising. To top it all off, Adam's dragon of a mother hates Lisa, reminding Adam that Lisa doesn't measure up in any way to his late wife Melissa. Throw in a few naughty pets along the way and this is a recipe for disaster!
What a great book this was! Not only is there a fab story. But, it comes with recipes too!! This book was like reading a Carry On movie script. I loved it! Plenty of laugh out loud moments and even more cringe moments when Lisa manages to spectacularly cock up a lot! Although this is a rom-com, as usual Sheryl Browne always manages to get across a serious message. The book explores life after loss of a loved one and moving on after a broken heart. It's about taking a chance at love and proving that second chances, although difficult, are worth the crossed wires, run-ins with bad tempered mothers and disasters in the kitchen! And, in classic Sheryl Browne style, there are a couple of animal stars in the story which add to the humour! A great book! Highly recommended.
This review was written as part of the Romantic Heroes blog tour which you can check out HERE. There are lots of fantastic prizes to be won (including the pinny worn by our sexy model on the book cover)  so drop in and say hello! Lots of fun guaranteed!

BOOK BLURB - Recipes for Disaster

She's a single. He's a widower. She wants him. He wants her. She wants to impress. So does he. There's just one catch – she can't cook. To get him, she needs to get past the big fish – his mother. Lucky her, she's got an Ace up her sleeve and all she's got to do is impress this one time. Bad luck, though, her new guy can't cook either, her dog Rambo is on the loose and now they've got to pull off the big lunch at the club. Will it be a match made in heaven? Will they be able to pull off a culinary miracle? Will their combined efforts result in love at first bite? Or is it simply a Recipe for Disaster?

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  1. Thank you so much, JB for this Fabulous review!! You've reminded me how much fun this book was to write. Can you believe I was commissioned to write it? Thanks to Kim at Safkhet Publishing!!! Yay! Very proud little author. Hugely appreciated, JB. Means the world to me - I'm sure you know! :) xx

  2. Brilliant review and well deserved, too. I adored Recipes for Disaster!!

  3. Read it, loved it and tried one of the recipies too! Totally agree with you, JB, Sheryl is one amazing author.

  4. Love AND food - it can't get better than that! Thanks to JB for the review and to Sheryl for writing such a great book!

    Janice xx

  5. LOL this looks and sounds like a FAB read! And the cover certainly made me giggle :D

  6. Mandy says:

    Laughs aplenty for sure! Great review Jonty! Well done Sheryl and good luck with your tour!

    Mandy x

  7. What a fun book - great review!

  8. Patricia says:

    Excellent review for this hilarious book! The recipes I've tried so far have been easy to make and delicious to eat!

  9. With food, pets, love, laughter, and emotion, this sounds like the perfect recipe for a great novel! Love the review and great job, Sheryl!!

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