Friday, 25 October 2013

John Hunt Publishing (Top Hat Books) announces the new title

The Untold Story of HIH Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia
by Steven Ingam-Greer
Publication date 25th October 2013

Lost Eagle is an emotional tour de force. A truly astounding first novel from Steven Ingman-Greer. John Pickering

An epic drama of world-changing events revealed through the visionary consciousness of Tatiana, one of the four daughters of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra. 

"An emotional tour de force"

This is Tatiana's story, told through her diary: from idyllic childhood in the last royal family of Russia, to brutal imprisonment at the hands of the revolutionaries; from her last-minute escape and secret exile in England - for which there exists actual historical and documentary evidence - to her fulfillment in love and eventual tragic fate as she disappears from history under an assumed name. Within the storyline of history, Tatiana's passionate and impressionistic diary entries are set against the gathering storm of the revolution and the ominous indicators of the Romanov family's impending doom - and against the machinations of the British establishment which decided her fate.

"The unexpected theme of Pagan religious ecstasy and sacrifice which runs through the story links Tatiana and her sister Olga to the peasant mystic Rasputin"

"Against a background of brutal and irrevocable loss, Tatiana's powerful visions and dreams and her sustaining belief in 'the other place' of spiritual survival have great seductive poignancy. A dramatic and passionate rendering of the Russian princess's life"

Steven Ingman-Greer is an expert on Imperial Russia and the Romanovs. His lectures at adult education colleges sell out and he advised the producers of the Channel 4 TV series Masters of Darkness (2002). An experienced broadcaster, his Glastonbury Radio weekly classical music programme The Eternal Muse has attracted a worldwide audience since the first broadcast in 2007. He lives in Glastonbury, UK. 

Review copies available on request
Orca Marston in Europe
978-1-78279-079-2 Paperback (292PP) $18.95  |  £10.99 October 2013
978-1-78279-078-5 (eBook) £6.99 $9.99

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful cover! This sounds fascinating. Thanks for sharing, JB! :)

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