Monday, 25 November 2013


As you can tell from my review for Book one of the series I really enjoyed that book and was looking forward to the second part of the story. I was not disappointed in what this book delivered. Book 2 continues on with Ceri's story. Ceri is an angel living on earth and she has fallen in love with Alex. But, she has been told should not be together. However, Ceri must follow her heart and her relationship with Alex continues to flourish and move forward in ways Ceri could only have dreamed of. Book 2 also sees Ceri trying to find understanding around her very special gifts and trying desperately to reconcile those gifts with having a normal life. Can Ceri achieve the perfect balance or will something have to give?

Linn B Halton has delivered a wonderful book in this series. As previously mentioned, Forbidden is the second book in the Angels Amongst Us series and its not difficult to see why HarperImpulse Publishers were so interested in the series. For those who have an interest in the paranormal and spiritual aspects of life, then this book will blow you away. A lovely romance between two unlikely individuals, each struggling with their own personal demons. However, the book should not be read in isolation as Book 1 does provide the backdrop to the entire story. The writing style flows so easily in this book and it was a joy to read. I've enjoyed seeing Alex and Ceri's relationship develop and see a new found confidence in Ceri, although she does still appear to be a little vulnerable and still searching for answers. The ending finished on a bit of a cliff hanger and has me desperate to start reading Book 3! I want to know what happens next. Now!


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  1. Hugs and thank you, JB! What a fabulous review and as a writer it's a thrill to receive this sort of comment. This wasn't the easiest of books to write - being the middle one in the collection - and the response so far has been amazing. There will be one more in this series - after I wrote 'the end' I realised that an ending is only another beginning ...

  2. The content is as fabulous as the cover images.

  3. Oh, I agree, Anneli! JB, Hoping Ceri will find some answers in the next book! Fab review! Well done, Linn and thanks for sharing, JB! :) xx

  4. Mandy says:

    Great review! I'm itching to get to this book! It's next on my TBR list! Loved the first book!

    Mandy x

  5. Thanks so much, ladies! So thrilled with the reception for this series, I so enjoyed writing it! Thanks for dropping by. Lxx

  6. Patricia says:

    Great review! Linn never fails to deliver just what readers are looking for in this series … romance, intrigue, and images that lead to personal reflection. Can't wait for the third book!

  7. Great review, JB! Linn makes writing seem effortless, doesn't she? Can't wait to get started on Part II as I loved the first one. Well done, Linn!

  8. Great review JB! I'm reading this one now, too!

  9. I've only just finished Never Alone so need to catch up with the rest of my TBR pile for a bit, but I'm looking forward to making a start on the series soon!

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