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Brook Cottage Books and Safkhet Publishing present

Carol E Wyer, Author of Just Add Spice

Carol E Wyer has written award-winning novels, articles and books that poke fun at getting older. Known for her light-hearted take on life, Carol now also tours, giving talks on 'Irritable Male Syndrome' and how to age disgracefully

1.  If you could invite anybody for dinner, who would it be and what would you cook?     
Cook? Did you say cook? I should confess at this point that I can’t cook. I can burn and I can produce bland meals. Best I go to M&S for the meal. Who would I invite? Sheryl Browne. I think she’d be a damn good laugh.

2. If you could spend the rest of your life with a fictional character, who would it be      and why?
Lassie. I adore dogs.

3.  Your desert island 5 books ?
 A La Recherch√© Du Temps Perdu by Proust. Not because I am pretentious but because I speed read and at least that would keep me occupied for a long time, especially if it is in the original French.
A French/English dictionary. (For above book and to keep me amused.
Anything by Agatha Christie because I love murder mysteries.
Gone with the Wind because it was a book my mother made me read when I was young and I loved it.
Winnie the Pooh. It reminds me not to be too serious and to value my friends. (Who doesn't love Eeyore?)

Just Add Spice is available now


Dawn Ellis is bored out of her tiny mind. She's come to the conclusion that husband Jim is a boring old fart and more so since his retirement. Dawn feels like she needs to inject a little bit of excitement into their marriage and their sex life. Jim has forgotten the essential ingredients to keeping a woman happy – passion and desire and overall a bit more oomph!

Dawn finds escape from the mundane life she leads through joining a writing group starting to write a book. The heroine in the book is Cinnamon Knight. Cinnamon is the polar opposite of Dawn. She is super sexy, confident and not afraid to kick ass if needed. After getting her heart broken, Cinnamon has turned herself into ‘an avenging angel’, righting the wrongs done to women by men! Cinnamon is everything Dawn is not and Dawn lives her life through Cinnamon. However, soon Cinnamon is not content with being merely the character in Dawn’s book. She becomes Dawns confidant and her advisor. Throughout Dawn’s daily life and her attempts to spice up her love life with Jim, Cinnamon is there trying to steer Dawn in the right direction. However, it doesn’t always work out and soon the lines between fiction and reality become blurred.
Just Add Spice is the type of book that I think everyone will relate to. It’s a book about wanting and actually needing change.  It examines how a person’s needs within a marriage can differ somewhat from what their partner thinks they want. I adored the story within a story. This book is very cleverly written and some of the great one-liners and scenes within the book had me laughing out loud. Put it like this, you’ll never look at a lolly the same way again! I was very drawn to both characters and if I'm honest, I loved Cinnamon because I've been known to exact a bit of revenge myself...........but that's a whole other story!

Just Add Spice explores the journey that a lot of people find themselves on – that of making some major life changes and deciding that the comfortable life that is oh so easy to fall into, isn’t necessarily the one that satisfies us the most. Whilst Cinnamon is the ‘heroine’ of Dawn’s story, little does Dawn realise that she is actually the heroine of her own story and thus the heroine of the reader. However, change does come at a price as Dawn soon discovers.  I think if we were all totally honest with ourselves we’d admit to all wanting to be a bit more like Cinnamon Knight, or Dawn, or Cinnamon or……………………..
Just Add Spice is a very enjoyable read that gets across a serious message about love, loss and desire in a humorous and imaginative way. And yes, it’s just a little bit spicy in places and I adored it! Well done to Carol E Wyer whose wonderful writing kept me up late into the night desperate to follow Dawn and Cinnamon’s exploits. A highly recommended read!

You can find out more about Carol E Wyer here

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  1. Fab review, Jonty. The book sounds great fun. x

  2. Dizzy C says:

    Thank you for taking part JB.


  3. I'll supply the wine, Carol. French, in keeping with the tone. And a waiter to pour ... French, also, I think. Oooooh, oui! :) xx

  4. HAHA now I've got visions of Bridget Jones' style blue-string soup and burnt marmalade orange for dinner. I'll bring a casserole when I come to your house and you do the jokes, Carol, because you're brilliant! Rock on, great post, love the tour!

  5. Great give-away! Pleased to be a host on the tour too :)

  6. I am so sorry to be late to this...have internet difficulties! Thank you for such a brilliant review JB and "Bonjour" to all you wonderful peeps who have passed by. (Merde I 'ate it when zee internet messes about.)
    Loving the tour. :)

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