Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to welcome Carolyn Mathews back to the blog for a guest post, chatting about her writing journey!

Getting There in the End

I started my writing career with an ELT publisher when I worked as a teacher of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and produced readers and plays for language learners. I love writing dialogue and I think this shows in my fiction. At the moment, my output consists of a debut novel, Transforming Pandora, and a sequel, which will be out some time next year. I’ve always been interested in the mind, body, spirit world and that aspect of Pandora’s life developed as a vital thread in the book. I was inspired and motivated by a Novel Writing class at Birkbeck College and am currently a member of a local writing group. It’s important to me to keep in touch with other writers. There’s nothing like an objective eye to spot those naughty little repetitions, clich├ęs and inconsistencies we’re sometimes blind to. Everyone’s writing is informed by the sum of their experiences, so I believe life experiences matter as much as academic qualifications.

 Having left school because I couldn’t stand two more years of wearing a uniform (that hat!), I subsequently left a solid job in local government to work in a Spanish nightclub, much to my mother’s horror. Once I’d married and had children, I acquired a degree in English Literature and Drama, so I got there in the end. Have you heard of the People’s Book Prize? It was founded to give new authors equal opportunity in the marketplace. Its aim is to discover writers' talent, raise the profile of libraries and celebrate reading. The current patron is Frederick Forsyth, but there’s no judging panel, all votes are cast by members of the public. A couple of weeks ago my Roundfire publisher, Dominic, told me he’d submitted Transforming Pandora for The People’s Book Prize, and it had been accepted for the winter quarter, which starts December 1st.  Which is my birthday. So double yay!

With this in mind, he set up a 0.99 ebook price promo running for two weeks from the 1st December to 14th December on all systems - Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple etc, so if you want to buy it, it’s on SALE.

I feel so excited by this stroke of luck. Writers like me, who are new to the whole experience, will know how difficult it is to find the readers we know would enjoy our books, if only they could be contacted! That’s why book bloggers like JB and her friends are so important. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share the joy. It's been nice talking to you!

Here’s the website if you’d like to register and vote:


4 Responses so far.

  1. Colleen S says:

    Loved this book it took me back to my youth (in the sixties) and made me feel really good about life. It was a really enjoyable read and I even passed it onto my daughter who is in her late thirties who equally loved it.
    When is the next one out?

  2. Hello Colleen,
    The next book in the Pandora series is out next year. This time she has to solve a mystery. . .

    Glad you and your daughter enjoyed Pandora 1.
    Carolyn x

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found it uplifting and inspiring, and,of course, I've already voted for it in The People's Book Prize - closing date today.

  4. Thanks, Pauline. 'Transforming Pandora' didn't get through to the final, but it was exciting while it lasted!
    The next Pandora book,'Squaring Circles' will be out some time in the autumn.
    Carolyn x

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