Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to welcome Julie Hancox to the blog to talk about her book Kwidatz.

What Julie had to say about her book and her writing

I’m not altogether sure just how much you want to know about me, I can’t think that where I was born and educated,jobs I have had since leaving school or my dress size or eye colour would be of any interest; so here’s why I wrote the books:

Well, the books are, I suppose, semi- autobiographical. I was 45 years old when I started writing them; I began composing the story in my head, during my early morning swims, to relieve the boredom and frustration caused by doing something that I’m really not very good at!

I decided to write it down when there was just too much to hold in my memory, never really intending anyone to read it. However, my two children, who are both heavily featured, especially in the second book, reminded me of my frequent lectures on life and risk taking in order to achieve; so it was their fault really!

A lot of the emotional baggage that Jenna lugs around with her, the problems and crisis of confidence and faith that she has to overcome are ones that I share, but of course I have so far managed to get through life without being hauled kicking and screaming into a parallel world; or fall in love with a man who can change into a massive flying beast!

I was a single parent, bringing up my two children on a primary teachers wage, but, unlike she who shall remain nameless because I am so insanely jealous of her, I did a lot of my writing at the back of boring lectures during training days on Numeracy, on the train to Norwich to visit Joseph my son, or lying in the sun in a 5 foot square concrete backyard, never in a coffee bar!

Now that I work for Authors Abroad, running able writing/ Creative Writing Workshops in Schools I have been able to give up full time teaching, allowing me more time to write and having completed the third book, cannot stop, so it is now a series not a Trilogy!
I am now deliriously happily married to my schooldays sweet heart, which is a rich source of inspiration for future tales I can tell you!


Jenna Tate, depressive, broke, single, lonely, emotionally crippled, late forties, passionately devoted mother and deep down, it turns out, descendant of an entity called The Lady Jenna White hair, who has existed, in a variety of incarnations, in a parallel world, called Kamilon.

She is kidnapped and taken to this world, by a slave of the Priest Pali, who turns out to be in league with the archenemy of Jenna White hair, The Hyalin. But his plans are thwarted, when the slave, Bantu, befriends Jenna, and she puts on the Torque of Torail, which is a magical wrist band, that houses the power of the White One. This begins a rapid transformation in Jenna, who starts to metamorphose into the likeness of the original Jenna White hair, and gradually learns to control the power that now is inextricably infused into her body. 

Throughout the first book, Jenna is desperately struggling to come to terms with her new identity, and the loss of her old life, namely her children. She falls in love with the Bantuene, Bantu, who is transformed into a being called the Kwidatz, who was prophesied to be the nemesis of the Hyalin. The Kwidatz can take on any form that he visualises, but of course, the form that she falls in love with is a tall, handsome white haired man, called Gabrael.

After many trials and harrowing obstacles are over come, together, she and Gabrael defeat the Hyalin and destroy Pali and all of the Priests of Scoria. Jenna, however, in doing so has agreed to sacrifice herself, thinking that it was her only way of preventing the Hyalin from invading her world and threatening her children. She actually, gets thrown back into her old life, coming round in a hospital bed, to be told that she is pregnant!


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