Friday, 14 March 2014

Angelina Young is no ordinary modern day love sick teenager.After a life of rejection and ridicule she’s left with only one lifelong friend Suzy Baxter. 

Events escalate when they move to a secluded lake house which is situated near a town in the depths of the beautiful garden of England. She finds herself lying to the people closest to her for fear she won’t be believed when her recurring dream comes true. 

After accidently reading her mother’s memoirs she learns of a dark secret and she soon realizes that it isn’t the ghosts she sees who haunt her she should be afraid of, it’s the killer who has a fetish for young girls especially her. 

When her life is left hanging in the balance she’s willing to take a risk in order to lure the killer into captivity, the only problem is that she doesn’t know who the killer is until she comes face to face with him and then a source from up above saves her once again. It’s a source that she never could have imagined she could ever dream of: he’s a source that she never could have thought could possibly come true.   

About S.A. Smith
I have a keen interest in the paranormal and believe there is an afterlife waiting for each and every one of us. 

I am a great fantasist and a lover of animals/music and dancing.I write adult paranormal romantic crime fiction novels.

I live to write what is inside of me and if I cannot write than I cannot live. I live with my husband and youngest son and our black Labrador Jess.

twitter @annshirls123


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