Thursday, 10 April 2014

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to welcome Lynne Cobine to the blog. Lynne is here to tell everyone about a great site called 'Box of Words.'

Greetings – JB has kindly allowed me to write a blog about Box of Words Website. I started the site and blog to help writers ‘publish’ their short stories, and to raise money for charities.  I started with MacMillan, and lots of people tell me it’s a worthwhile cause!  There are so many worthwhile causes, so this may change in the near future.  If you know of any charities you would like supported please let me know by emailing  I am open to any charities overseas too!   In the meantime please support the writers already on the site.

I have some exiting plans ahead for the site, so please check back now and again to find out what is going on – I will be running competitions with prizes I hope you will like.
I am not advertising authors’ books on my site in competition with Brook Cottage Books – but if you are a published author and would like to advertise your book on my site as a Brook Cottage Books follower you can have it for half price!

How the payment works - Any authors’ who advertise on Box of Words website, (see website for prices) 20% of profits will go to charities. Writer’s short stories will sell for 50p, cheaper than two cups of coffee, all of this will go to the writers!
Please let all your writer and reader friends know about this site, and support the writers!
Kind regards,
and Happy Writing
Lynne Cobine

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