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Madalyn Morgan lives in Rural Leicestershire.  After thirty-six years, she has swapped window boxes in South London for a garden in the market town of Lutterworth.  She has been an actress for over thirty years, performing on television and film, Repertory Theatre and the West End.  She is a radio presenter and journalist, writing articles for newspapers and magazines.  She is currently writing her third novel, China Blue, the third of four books about the lives of four very different sisters during the Second World War.  Foxden Acres, the first of the Dudley sister’s quartet, was published in 2013.

Lets have a look at Madalyn's books...........

On the eve of 1939 twenty-year-old Bess Dudley, trainee teacher and daughter of a groom, bumps into James, heir to the Foxden Estate.
Bess and James played together as equals when they were children, but now James is engaged to the more socially acceptable Annabel Hadleigh.
Bess takes up a teaching post in London but when war breaks out and London schoolchildren are evacuated she returns to Foxden to organise a troop of Land Girls. 
Traditional barriers come crashing down when Flying Officer James Foxden falls in love with Bess.  But by this time Bess has come to know and respect Annabel.  Can she be with James if it means breaking her best friend’s heart?
Besides, Bess has a shameful secret that she has vowed to keep from James at any cost…  


In the early years of World War 2, Margot Dudley works her way up from usherette to leading lady in a West End show.  Driven by blind ambition Margot becomes immersed in the heady world of nightclubs, drink, drugs and fascist thugs – all set against a background of the London Blitz.  To achieve her dream, Margot risks losing everything she holds dear.
Applause is the second book in the Dudley Sisters Quartet.

The Other Books in The Dudley sisters Quartet  -

The third book, China Blue, is about love and courage – and is Claire Dudley’s story.  While in the WAAF Claire is seconded to the Royal Air Force’s Advanced Air Strike Force.  Claire falls in love with Mitchell ‘Mitch’ McKenzie, an American Airman who is shot down while parachuting into France.  At the end of the war, while working in a liberated POW camp in Hamburg she is told that Mitch is still alive.  Do miracles happen? 

The fourth book, working title, Bletchley Secret, is about strength and determination – and is the story of Ena, youngest of the Dudley sisters.  Ena works in a local factory.  She is one of several young women who build components for machines bound for Bletchley Park during World War 2.  The Bletchley secret costs her the love of her life.  In the 1960s, a successful hotelier and happily married, Ena encounters someone from her past, leading to shocking consequences.

STOP PRESS: China Blue will be out in 2015 and Bletchley Secret will be out the following year, 2016. There is also a fifth book called, The Foxden Hotel. It's a murder mystery and brings all four sisters together.


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