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Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to welcome back a great friend and fantastic supporter of the blog. Please give a big cheer for Nicky Wells who has agreed to be interrogated interviewed!!

JB: You write amazing Rock star romances. Tell us why you choose this particular theme?

NICKY: Aw JB, that’s such a nice thing to say. Thank you so much! D’you know, even after five releases, I still get flustered at compliments?

Anyway. Why romance with rock stars? Well. *coughs* I have an incurable ‘thing’ for rock musicians. I can’t help it. They just ‘do it’ for me. Red rag to a bull is nothing like a rock star is to Nicky Wells! (My lovely husband is quite indulgent of this affliction of mine, bless him. We even had a rock band we know play at our wedding, but that’s a story for a different day.). That’s why I write the books I do. Particular faves include Jon Bon Jovi and Joey Tempest. I’ve recently discovered Myles Kennedy too! Bad boys and golden voices, tough men with long hair and soft hearts…. *swoon*

JB: In 3 words, describe your latest book FALLEN FOR ROCK.

NICKY: Naughty—romantic—loud

JB: In 3 words describe the sexy hero in the book.

NICKY: Mike Loud, lead singer of rock band MonX, is: talented—swoonworthy—caring

JB: Because you obviously love music, do you listen to music when you write?

NICKY: Errr… I feel like I’m letting the side down, but no, I don’t listen to music while I write. Planning, yes. Editing, sometimes. Proofing, absolutely. But not while I actually write. The reason is simple. Every song, every album has a certain ‘mood’ for me, and it’s hard to line up enough songs to suit the mood of what I’m writing. Not to mention that given my love for sharp twists and turns, the mood of what I’m writing my change quite dramatically in the space of five minutes, and no play list could cater for that. So I find music a distraction while I write, but I certainly use it to inspire me and to relax during my writing breaks.

JB: Give us your writing playlist!

NICKY:  Not so much a writing playlist as the general soundtrack to my life… are you ready? Here are a few of my favourites, in no particular order:

Living On A Prayer (Bon Jovi); Enter Sandman (Metallica); Rock The Night (Europe); Hells Bells (AC/DC); Jump (Van Halen); Here I Go Again (Whitesnake); Rock Star (Nickelback); Tough It Out (FM); Cold As Ice (Foreigner); Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen); We Will Rock You (Queen); Runaway (Bon Jovi); Wake Me up When September Ends (Greenday); Who Will You Run To (Heart); Bring me to life (Evanescence); Sweet Child o’ Mine (Guns ‘n’ Roses); Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin); Nothing Else Matters (Metallica); Other Side Of Midnight (FM).

Shall I go on? Because it might take a few hours…

JB: Did the book develop as you had planned or did it take you on a completely different journey?

NICKY: That’s such a great question! You have to know that I’m an obsessive compulsive planner. For one, it’s in my nature (blast that A-Type personality) and for another it’s a requirement if I am to write successfully around all the other demands on my time, notably family and radio shows!

So for each book, I have a rigorous plan, a skeleton if you will, that outlines the story arc, motivation, character development and all that good stuff. I know where the story is headed before I start typing ‘Chapter One,’ and I have signposted all the major twists and turns.

Most of the time, the writing flows from there, and I follow the plan. Most of the time, but not always. To give you an example, Sophie’s Turn was meant to end after one book with the ending that I eventually deliver in Sophie’s Encore. I had that all planned out for Sophie and Dan, but Sophie didn’t cooperate. I got her to the hotel room in Paris mulling over Dan’s proposal, and I was shouting, ‘yes, yes, do it woman, do it,’ and she goes… ‘nah. Sorry. Can’t do that. Not my style.’ That was a real huh moment. My character hijacked the story and rewrote the ending!

Likewise, there’s a similar scene in Fallen for Rock when Emily showed me quite forcefully just how much she’d grown and changed. I send her to a pub talent scouting with Mike, and she’s spotted a big shot manager. My plan was that she would approach him and beg an audience because, you know, that’s what I would do. Imagine the scene: you’re having an innocent drink and (INSERT FAMOUS ROCK MANAGERS NAME HERE) walks in. You’re desperate to talk to him. So you go up and somehow start a conversation, making a complete fool of yourself in the process. Cringe! That would be me. But not Emily! Oh no. Emily turns the whole thing around and has Iron Dave approach her. I so did not see that coming, and I can tell you, JB, I was hanging on for dear life, wondering what the heck Emily would say next!

JB: Do you fall in love with your characters as much as your readers do? 

NICKY: Absolutely 100 percent. I cried when I finished the third and final book in the Rock Star Romance Trilogy (aka Sophie’s Encore, and yes Pattie Walker, if you’re reading this, I haven’t forgotten my promise to you, just give me time!). I felt like I was waving goobye to my best friends, and I felt seriously bereft.

I got very emotional at the end of Fallen for Rock too, partly because I know this is a standalone, and partly because it ends on an emotional note. I wasn’t as cut up about saying goodbye here, probably because I hadn’t spend so much time living with the characters, but my, I do love Mike!

JB: What’s next for Nicky Wells?

NICKY: JB, I have two books in the works that I can tell you about. My next Christmas novella, Fairy Tale in New York, is fully written and due for publication in October or November of this year. It’s what I call a ‘standalone sequel’ to Spirits of Christmas. It’s a sequel in the sense that it picks up the story of Jude and Carrie, but it’s a standalone story in that you categorically, absolutely do not have to have read Spirits of Christmas to enjoy Fairy Tale in New York. Here’s the blurb:

Fairy Tale in New York

When rock star Jude gets stranded in New York with his family on Christmas Eve, he has no idea that he is setting in motion a chain of events that will turn their Christmas into the most magical one yet…

No good deed goes unpunished, or so it seems to Jude and Carrie on the morning of the twenty-fourth of December. The previous day, they gave up their return flights to London to enable a distressed passenger to make a swift journey home in their stead. Today, when they present themselves at the airport for their rescheduled flight, a spectacular whiteout is grounding all planes, and Jude, Carrie and baby Maya are stuck.

Tired, hungry and just a little panicked, Jude loads his family into a cab and returns to their hotel. His hopes of refuge are dashed when the hotel turns out to be fully booked and not even a platinum credit card will make a difference. Snow is falling heavily, and the family is facing a very bleak night indeed.

How do you celebrate Christmas far from home, with no place to stay, no food, and no presents? Join Jude, Carrie and Maya and a cast of colourful characters in this fairy tale story of Yuletide in New York.

After ‘Fairy Tale’, I’m going to bring you another full-length novel, probably in the late spring of 2015. This one will tell the story of young rock star couple on their honeymoon who experience a relationship crisis of epic proportions. And I mean epic! But that’s all I can say at this point….

NICKY: JB, thanks so much for having me on your blog and for all your fabulous support with my work, especially Fallen for Rock. J You’re an angel and a rock star and your enthusiasm means the world. Loveya!


A thrilling and delicious story of love and self-discovery woven around a broken romance that will make you turn page after page and cheer to the end.’

Love, life, loyalties. Nothing stays the same when Emily gets drawn into the world of rock.

Glossy and sophisticated professional high-flyer Emily has no time for nonsense such as the rock music her ex-boyfriend Nate adored so much. Yet when she unexpectedly comes into possession of VIP tickets—access all areas—for new rock band phenomenon, MonX, she can’t resist the temptation.

The fateful gig turns into more than one night, and Emily finds herself strangely drawn to this new and unfamiliar glittery world. However, only weeks later, MonX and her own universe fall apart with devastating consequences for all. When MonX lead singer Mike appeals for her help, she reluctantly embraces a new opportunity. But she soon discovers that while she may be a rock chick after all, a groupie she is not… Or is she?

Just exactly where do her loyalties lie? And what direction will her life take now that she’s left behind everything she treasured?

Warning! Fallen For Rock contains some explicit content and strong language that may not be suitable for readers under eighteen years of age.


About Nicky Wells: Romance that Rocks Your World!

Ultimate rock chick author Nicky Wells writes romance with rock stars—because there’s no better romantic hero than a golden-voiced bad boy with a secret soft heart and a magical stage presence!

Nicky’s books offer glitzy, glamorous romance with rock stars—imagine Bridget Jones ROCKS Notting Hill! If you’ve ever had a crush on any kind of celebrity, you’ll connect with Nicky’s heroes and their leading ladies.

Born in Germany, Nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 and currently lives in Lincoln with her husband and their two boys. Nicky loves listening to rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters. When she’s not writing, she’s a wife, mother, occasional knitter, and regular contributor at Siren 107.3 FM with her own monthly show. Rock on!

***Fallen for Rock—SALES LINK TO COME!!!***

Did you know? There’s a single out now by Nicky’s fictional rock band Tuscq come to life! “Love Me Better” is available for download from Amazon, iTunes and many other places.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Really enjoyed this interview because I've got to know Nicky via blogs and Facebook and so with our love of Rock we have lots in common and of course my life has been music, so it is always fun if I get flash-backs of events when reading her work which may well have happened to me or my artists or friends. Such a fab subject to write about, there are going to be endless tales she can write. Cannot wait for the next. I don't normally read romance but the music element and her writing skills have drawn me in - not one murder anywhere, so that is a good sign for her books being a good read for me. Well done Nicky and lots of success for this new book and all your others past and to come. Rock on. Rock on JB for hosting her. Fab interview. :)

  2. Thanks so much, JB, for launching the Fallen for Rock tour with a fabulous interview--I'm so honoured to be on your blog! And squeeeee: launch day tomorrow!!!

    PS: three words to describe my book and my hero... that was one of the toughest challenges ever! You know how I love to talk, LOL!

  3. *waves* Hi Jane, thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment. I'm thrilled I've drawn you into reading romance--that's high praise indeed from a crime-and-murder-writer! I hope you'll enjoy Fallen for Rock and thank you, as always, for all your enthusiasm and support. You rock! XX

  4. Fab interview, Nicky and JB! Really enjoyed it!

    Good to see some Heart and Evanescence in that playlist, Nicky. I can listen to music while I write, but not while I edit or proofread. Huh....!?! But then (as you know) I don't plan at all!!!

    Keep up the good work, both of you! Rock on, Nicky! xxx

  5. LOL, Jo, I think that music thing is as individual as the writing process! Thank for stopping by and for your lovely, lovely comment. You always make me smile! XX142

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