Thursday, 19 June 2014

Neave, scatter-brained but beautiful, always goes for the one-night stands. Her sister Connie wants her to settle down with a real man. She sets Neave up on a blind date with Jeffrey, the respectable and comfortable friend of Connie's husband. Jeffrey takes Neave to Spain for a getaway, but she ditches him to flee to Morocco with Enya, the daring and bohemian "Queen of the Harbour". Neave finally has what she's always wanted—freedom and adventure on the high seas.
What kinds of trouble can these two women of the sea get into? Find out in "Queen of the Harbour".
About the Author

Ursula spends quite a bit of time in Kent, and in her garden she has a shack. There is a blue plaque on this shack as her mother was the author Lena Kennedy and she sometimes used to write there, even under candlelight.  But these days, Ursula writes there and on her laptop.  Ursula has been writing seriously for ten years and perhaps too, has the `writing bug` that her mum used to call it.  The `blue plaque unveiling` took place in May 2011 and it is on YouTube.  Ursula gives talks about her mother and is a member of the RNA.


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