Friday, 19 September 2014

Author Bio

This is a semi-fictional book based on my actual travel to South-East Asia. While travelling I'd kept a blog which was always much appreciated by my friends and even strangers. When I returned home, I had quite a few suggestions to develop a book out of it. I spent a long time vacillating whether to do so and what genre to write. 
In the end I chose for fiction and to write a novel rather than a travel-log. I drew upon characters from my travels and experience and tried to paint a light-hearted romantic travel adventure.
I am a global nomad, born in India and living in the Netherlands now. I have worked a lot on international projects, love challenges and new experiences. I have traveled extensively in Europe and also to Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, US, Japan, China to name a few. I speak 6 languages: Bangla, Hindi, English, Dutch, a bit of French and some Spanish now.

Book Bio

“Ray likes to think of himself as a global nomad, belonging everywhere in general and nowhere in particular. Now in his thirties, he jumps at the opportunity to take a six-month sabbatical offered by his company. But as he walks to the airport gate, Ray feels a bit of trepidation; he'll be giving up his normal life-friends, family, sports, hobbies, and his usual daily life- while he backpacks for the coming half-year. From Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam, Ray explores cultures, sees breathtaking sights, and savours the cuisine of his many stops. He makes new friends and takes time to examine his life as a single man. It's a discovery of places and parts that Ray has forgotten existed while he toiled away in the corporate rat race. Although he begins his trip without any ambition of finding himself or the like; he is increasingly intrigued by the question of what he wants from the rest of his life. Will he find love and a lifestyle that makes him happy?”

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