Thursday, 4 September 2014

4 Tips to Starting a Non-Fiction Book
My experience with writing a non-fiction started from my passion to help others overcome issues in their lives. I knew writing non-fiction will be a challenge because there are always personal experiences and examples included to guide the reader. In order for me to truly start on my non-fiction journey I decided on four tips to help me.

Tip One: Write about something that is happening in your community especially something people are talking about. Research this topic to see if others are reading and or writing about it.

Tip Two: Find an area that you are passionate about and write about it. No one knows your passion better than you so use it to help others.

Tip Three: Brainstorm ideas and topics with a group of friends. Ask your friends what they expect from non-fiction book.  What message or helpful tool do they look for when reading non-fiction? This will help you outline your book.

Tip Four: Write in a journal daily and after a month go back to see if any non-fiction ideas jump out at you. These ideas can come from your daily activities or a need people you have encountered may have brought to your attention.

These four tips helped me in starting my book as well as my experiences and research. These are easy tips that anyone can follow. Don’t waste any time, get started now.
Keith Taylor is a freelance writer, pastor, mentor and graduate of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis.  He started at a young age ministering about the Word of God to area juvenile detention centers, prisons, churches, and conferences. Keith Taylor II is known as “Mr. Inspiration” and with his heart for mentoring has concentrated on helping at risk youth. He focuses on bringing to light issues that have been hidden or avoided. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his lovely wife Jasmine and is working on his next title.

About The Book

In his debut novel, Rejected But Still Prevailing, Keith Taylor II explores rejection and how it affects individuals in their lives.

We have all been affected by a form of rejection at some point in our lives, but it is how we’ve dealt with the rejection that shapes who we become. Keith Taylor II shares his passion and knowledge to change readers’ minds about rejection. In Rejected But Still Prevailing, Keith Taylor II helps readers understand the meaning of rejection, how to handle it and how to overcome it.

We first have to understand what is against us, then look to ourselves for change and learn to forgive those that have hurt us. Rejected But Still Prevailing will help you through it with biblical references and personal examples, readers will have a better understanding of what they are facing.


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