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Rekindling Connections has been touring with Brook Cottage Books and we are now into the 2nd week of the tour. I am thrilled that the fantastically talented Nicky Abell-Francis is a guest on the blog today and has written this brilliant guest post.

How rekindling a spark of an idea can lead to much more.

My background of working in the sports field is a fascinating one to meet many personalities. Each sport means you have to have a certain dedication to be successful in. Every time I treated a client who clearly was that dedicated to their passion, wanting to perfect their health and physique to play at their best, I could see a driven determination of the will to recover and continue to play whatever the pain. I needed to create my main characters for Rekindling to live this trait of power and control.
Brett is one character I could tease into the story. When an obsession to succeed comes in this can be to the detriment of family and friends. It wasn’t always for fame or recognition but to be the best at what they do. This is what we see in Brett. He’s mapped his career and life out, leaving nothing that will deviate him from that path. Many sports clients I noticed do this on a daily basis, training as soon as they get out of bed or return home. Whole weekends in fact. I wanted to look at how their relationships suffer for this. Is it a form of OCD in disguise? Too much testosterone? Though male and females can be affected.
My more challenging and exciting character was Tyler. I wanted to create an individual that was the polar opposite to Brett. Fame and what he could attract by his skills were all that were on his mind. Being blessed with the look of the gods and height to create a presence everywhere, I had fun in placing him in one of the more affluent sports of polo. Seen normally as the sport of the rich he blended in perfectly. Allowing Tyler to turn up for a track meeting and do the hurdles just wouldn’t have worked, his sex appeal may well have faltered. With a thorough bred horse between his legs, he meant business and the player of the sports field can be seen.  Arrogant and a female head turner. Some sports create excitement for the female reader some leave them cold. If the novel was for men I would have had to choose wildly away from this aspect. Luckily romance was my attraction and the fun could begin.
Looking at the sporting calender around the world opened up the trend we love comradeship where team events feature, such as the Olympics recently, our interest and patriotism shone through. We are becoming more attuned to outdoor life now, aware of more sports that years ago were out of bounds unless a specialist. My love of the unusual lesser known sports, inspired me to add a sprinkle within the storyline. Secretly allowing me to have a dabble for research purposes of course, writing has to have some perks. No adrenaline junkie am I, my choice was probably conservative at times and the scarier ideas I could always watch from the side lines.
What was also a positive for a leading character whether good or bad generally most sports entail a pride in physique, so it was fairly easy to create in the readers mind an image that would intrigue. Any suited and booted lead guy either has what it takes to be attractive but needs major description to allow the reader to see them clearly or they lose the essence of them completely and become just another business guy in the crowd. In the sporting world to be good or excellent you generally have had to work at it, no cutting corners. A fit body and mind allows the speed, perfection and skill to shine through. The body in motion is indeed like a dance. That image of sexuality was easier to achieve.
 Zara our heroine was placed in the centre of these characters lives. Looking at how a person becomes perfection there is more than one person that gets you there. Boundaries and ethics of treating is important, which I wanted to set against the feelings of attraction and love that can happen spontaneously when you least expect it. Whatever the situation taboo or not.
Rekindling Connections allows the reader to travel far and see how our personal connections can still stay strong where ever in the world we might be.  


The high octane world of sports therapy fast tracks Zara from middle class suburbia to the bright lights of Los Angeles. Approaching marriage to Bruce Loxley, dependable, seriously rich & with an impeccable pedigree, allows her entrance to the private world of high society.
But is Bruce as honest as appearances portray? Returning to Zara’s hedonistic past, we career into lust & temptation head on in the form of Tyler Montgomery. The devilishly good looking, though arrogant Polo player, causing sexual havoc in his wake. But a when a new younger competitor enters the love arena, has Zara met her match? Brett McNeil with his wild sense of adventure & mischievous streak that so attracts Zara’s eye lingers seductively in the shadows of her fast paced life.
Is fate in control or do we really have a choice? Which player will ultimately win? Or does life have its own game plan?



About Nicky Abell-Francis

 Working in the sports therapy field for some fifteen years the opportunity to work in some diverse areas came about and led to the meeting of some very competitive, challenging individuals, who make up the sporting world. Current affairs of the heart of many women today allowed me to see that we all search for the perfect soul partner. Both male and female clients produced this result, from many a conversation and gossip on the bench, (massage work relaxes the body as well as the mind). Clients worldwide found choosing their ideal partner a lottery. 

This inspired me to look more closely at how marriage choices are made through the heart or the mind. Having travelled round the world my research led me to be inspired by the excitement of each country visited and how my heroine could become incorporated within these settings combining the sporting calendar and outdoor pursuits of each destination I found exciting and that created a passion within.


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