Saturday, 18 October 2014

Forgiving Nancy by Janice Cairns
Release Date: 4th October 2014
Publisher: Safkhet Select
Genres:Contemporary Fiction

Recapture your love and his heart with Forgiving Nancy

Two marriages real bloopers, the third one is going downhill. Nancy went from just getting by to lady in a seriously wealthy household and threw it all away. Will Maxwell forgive her?

Left alone in London, finally Stella found a reason to move to Edinburgh. She tried to win Maxwell over, but to no avail. Will she find her love in the end?

One wrong decision a lifetime ago. Now Madam Melody chances upon her daughter in Edinburgh. Will she find forgiveness?
Forgiving Nancy draws pictures of rich Edinburgh and the poor parts of town. It conjures up images of scrumptious foods and homeless shelters. It weaves together the lives of people and will make you want to continue reading and, one day, visit Edinburgh and all its wonderful hotels, caf├ęs, gardens, and, of course, the castle.

Forgiving Nancy is one of those books that is quietly unassuming yet powerfully evocative. Janice Cairns wonderful writing style is both powerful and beautiful. Nancy is definitely an unlikely match for Maxwell Elliot. However, she soon morphs into something resembling what Maxwell wants to shape her to become. Someone more of his social standing.  I don't think Nancy herself realised this. They are definitely an unlikely coupling, with the constraints of coming from different social classes causing a divide that both are keen to cross. However, the differences between the couple are too great and this ultimately would lead Nancy to once again morph into someone even she herself doesn't recognise. She feels suffocated by Maxwell's serious demeanor and despite him being a millionaire, this is not enough for her. She wants passion and romance.
Janice Cairns has described the beauty of Edinburgh in such a way as to transport the reader there with the turn of every page. There are a wealth of interesting and eccentric characters in the book with their own back stories and broken hearts and they all add so much to the story. I loved this book. Its so beautiful. Huge congrats to Janice Cairns on this amazing debut novel.        

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