Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother by Christie Barlow 
Genres: Parenting, family, Humour

Book Blurb

'A hilarious observation of playground politics.'
'As funny as it is true...'

Ever had the pleasure of collecting your children from the school playground? Even if you haven't this is a hilarious must read.

A month by month comical tale of a young mother fighting for her place in the world against the backdrop of the Playground Mafia.

As her life unfolds and she takes us through from one amusing anecdote to another the characters come to life. There is Penelope who has a lot more going on in her life than she bargained for and Mrs Noland who has a lot less than she claims, not to mention Rupert who is a VERY busy man. With Mrs High School Musical, The International Sex God and The Frisky Pensioner, the characters are undeniably fascinating and leave you compelled to read more.

Who knew that one false move in the playground, one step in the wrong direction or smile at the wrong person could lead to such complications?

The witty one liners and side splitting stories will keep you amused from beginning to end.

Lively and entertaining, a hilarious comedy that every playground mother can relate to.

A Year in the Life of a Playground mother is one of those books that is very easy to read, full of laughs and hilarious one-liners. It follows the exploits of Rachel as she attempts to escape city life and the playground Mafia mothers only to find that really life in the countryside isn't all that different. Her exploits and her very forthright opinions sometimes shocked but always made me laugh. She says things that some of us only think but are too afraid to voice. As a mother I could so relate to some of the things that happened in the book and at times found myself nodding in agreement as I was reading it. This book is a work of fiction but its really like sitting down with a mate over a glass of wine and having a good old gossip session! Full of memorable moments and equally memorable characters this is a great book!

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  1. I like the sound of this.

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