Monday, 20 October 2014

Stalemate by Alan Hamilton
Release Date: 19th June 2014
Publisher: Silverwood Books
Genres: Fiction, Crime Based on Actual events, Thriller

Walter had shared a home and a sort of life with her for over sixteen years. When he came to think of it, that’d been a bit like a game of chess too. He’d gone from the enthusiastic opening – through a midgame of jogging along – to the end game of barbed neutrality, a sort of emotional desert where no win was possible, a kind of stalemate. That had been the pattern for the last five years.

Summer 1930 and Walter Bruce is told he has a terminal disease. With nursing care and an easier job he could have five more years. With neither he may not see out the year. But he’s got a wife to keep – one too selfish and idle to be his nurse. When he finds out she’s been deceiving him about her past for years he comes to a stark decision: if she won’t take care of him he’ll have to take care of her – for good. He plans her removal like one of the chess problems he loves. It will be the perfect murder; he’ll get away with it and enjoy his last few years in comfort. But his carefully laid plans unravel, entangling him in a slowly closing trap where truth and lies become confused…

Set in between-the-wars Liverpool, Stalemate is a gripping tale of moral choices and terrible punishment.

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to be organizing a blog tour for Stalemate , a Crime/thriller story by Alan Hamilton.  This book can be read as a standalone and is based on actual events.

The tour will run from 24th November - 5th December, and will include reviews, interviews, guest posts and promo posts. Unlimited booking on all dates is allowed.  To participate in the tour, email me at or please leave a comment with the following:
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