Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Speaking of Murder by Jonathan Black
Release Date: 9th September 2014
Publisher: Agate Digital
Genres: Crime, Fiction

Hank Fowler is finally getting is life back together after his divorce and “early retirement” from reporting at Chicago’s biggest daily. But the tranquility doesn’t last long. After receiving an odd phone call from his old college roommate, who turns up dead shortly thereafter,
Hank can’t help but investigate the case. Several more bodies are found in similarly mysterious circumstances, and the victims all have one trait in common: they are—or were—motivational speakers. Meanwhile, Hank meets Rachel, newly divorced and trying to write a book, after she enrolls in Hank’s writing class. With her not-always-welcome help, Hank sets out to track down the killer. In this compelling, well-knit narrative, Jonathan Black creates a fast-paced murder mystery for
the digital age. Speaking of Murder is a contemporary whodunit that should appeal to all lovers of the mystery genre. Speaking of Murder is available in all popular ebook formats and accessible from all ereader and tablet devices.

 About the Author

Jonathan Black, a former editor at Playboy, Time, and GQ, has also written for USA Today, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Forbes Life, among others, and has published two earlier works of nonfiction (one of which is about motivational speaking). Speaking of Murder is Black’s first novel, and it’s rich with true-to-life details about reporting and the contemporary media world. Black is an intriguing new talent in the mystery ranks. Speaking of Murder is original and clever, and Hank and Rachel are a fascinating team of amateur crime solvers.


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