Friday, 12 December 2014

Rising in Love by Ram Das Batchelder
Release Date: 12th December 2014
Publisher: O - Books
Genres: Non-Fiction, Spirituality, Memoir

A guest post from Ram Das Batchelder to tell us about his book Rising in Love and how it came about.

“Rising in Love: My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now” by Ram Das Batchelder

“Rising in Love” tells the story of my marijuana-fuelled spiritual awakening in America (which included meeting an angel), a visitation from Jesus, and my eventual discovery of Amma (the living Guru known in the West as “the Hugging Saint”). The narrative then covers the 27 amazing years I have spent in quest of Enlightenment as Amma’s devotee, most of that time in India. It is a story of profound healing from drug addiction and despair into a joyfully fulfilled life, a ray of hope for all who suffer from addiction or mental illness of one kind or another. 

The book is a suspenseful psychological thriller, “a real page-turner” (as one reviewer said), yet there is so much humor in the narrative that in many places it reads like a comedic novel. It also describes my struggles with sexual desire during my first several years at Amma’s ashram, and my discovery that “it’s okay to be human as we grow towards the Divine.” The book also includes descriptions of numerous miracles I have witnessed, three temporary Enlightenment experiences, an amazing vision of Krishna, and the steady progression of my meditation, which has culminated recently in states of samadhi. It also discusses how I left Amma’s ashram for a six year period, visited numerous other Gurus, and then returned, with a fiancĂ©e, and was married by Amma in 2001. One chapter is dedicated to the difficulties my wife and I have faced in our marriage, and the beautiful healing Amma has given us as a couple. In addition, there is a section about the Asian Tsunami, which occurred when we were in Amma’s ashram. “Rising in Love” will appeal to anyone interested in spirituality, psychology, psychotherapy, angels, marijuana, Enlightenment, Hinduism, Saints or Gurus. Numerous photos of Amma and the author are included. To see what readers and reviewers are saying, and to buy the book, see

Author bio:

Ram Das Batchelder was born in the USA in 1961, had a spiritual awakening in his early twenties, and has spent most of the last 25 years in India as a devotee of Amma, the “hugging Saint.” He has written four children’s books for Amma’s ashram, which have all been translated into four European languages. He also wrote a novel in rhyming verse, three full-length plays, and 40 original songs. In 2012, he and his wife, Tarini Ma, wrote and co-taught a university course on Hinduism in Venezuela. He has given numerous talks and workshops about various aspects of spirituality in many locations around the world. He and his wife are currently offering luxury tours of the sacred cities of India, to both Spanish and English-speaking groups. (See


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