Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Getting your writing right!

Here at Brook Cottage Books you will see lots of promo posts for authors and their writing. However, I think its nice to highlight some of the other unsung heroes in the book industry. Those people who offer wonderful services and without whose talents many books simply wouldn't make it into the hands of readers.
Everyone knows how important it is to have someone cast a critical eye over your work to check for errors. As a reader, we often come across books that haven't been checked over properly and are full of errors. Every writer knows that its very difficult to check your own writing properly and that it's best to call upon the services of someone else. One lovely lady who offers such a service is Vivienne Moriarty. I'll let the lady herself tell you a little about what she can offer to writers.

On my first day as a newly qualified teacher the Head said: ‘Every teacher is a teacher of English, Mrs Moriarty.” This has been the fundamental tenet of my career in education. I understand the value of clarity both as a reader and a writer. 
My background as an academic has allowed me an analytical approach to writing and a meticulous attention to detail for language.
If you require a steely eye on your work, then please consider my services. I have competitive rates and am timely. I respect your craft and appreciate your efforts involved in producing prose.  
Viv Moriarty


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