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Forgiving Nancy by Janice Cairns 
Release Date: 4th October 2014
Publisher: Safkhet Select
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Brook Cottage Books is thrilled to welcome author Janice Cairns to the blog today. Janice has written a wonderful book called Forgiving Nancy which I can highly recommend. You can read my review HERE. Let's find out about the book first.

Book Blurb

Recapture your love and his heart with Forgiving Nancy.
Two marriages real bloopers, the third one is going downhill. Nancy went from just getting by to lady in a seriously wealthy household and threw it all away. Will Maxwell forgive her?
Left alone in London, finally Stella found a reason to move to Edinburgh. She tried to win Maxwell over, but to no avail. Will she find her love in the end?
One wrong decision a lifetime ago. Now Madam Melody chances upon her daughter in Edinburgh. Will she find forgiveness?
Forgiving Nancy draws pictures of rich Edinburgh and the poor parts of town. It conjures up images of scrumptious foods and homeless shelters. It weaves together the lives of people and will make you want to continue reading and, one day, visit Edinburgh and all its wonderful hotels, cafés, gardens, and, of course, the castle.

Author Interview

How long have you been writing for?

I became interested in writing from about fifteen years, it was mainly short diary entries I wrote about this time. I loved that sense of keeping a record of things I'd done or was going to do. However, at this age I didn't think of creating short stories or novels. That came much later on.

Can you remember the first thing you wrote?

Yes, I can. It was a little diary entry about how I felt when my grandfather had died. I remember being so upset. My aunt had come to the school I attended to tell me about his death. I was so terribly upset about it. I remember just wanting to pour all my emotions about it into a diary which I did. No-one ever saw that diary entry but I recall how I wrote about my grandfather inside it in such glowing terms. I wrote down all the little pieces of advice he had ever given to me and also stories he'd told me about his job. He had been a compositor with a newspaper in Ayrshire - his daily life had been all about words.

Your book, FORGIVING NANCY is set in beautiful Edinburgh. You obviously love the city. Have you lived anywhere else?

Yes, indeed, I love Edinburgh and I feel, at this point, I could never live anywhere else. In the past, however, I have lived in many places, mostly in Scotland but also in Yorkshire. I was born in a little town called Kilwinning, which is in the west coast of Scotland. My dad was in the mining industry and, as a result of this, our family found themselves on the move often as dad sought better opportunities in this industry. After Kilwinning I lived in a small town called Cumnock, then a small village called Patna, then to a town called Auchinleck and then to the much larger town of Ayr. All these places I'm mentioning are Ayrshire places and you might say that my childhood was spent in the Ayrshire countryside. The poet Robert Burns' cottage at Alloway was only about a fifteen minute walk from where I lived in Ayr.
At nineteen years of age I left Ayr and moved through to the east coast of Scotland. I lived in Fife for a while then briefly in yorkshire then moved back to Edinburgh. I've lived in Edinburgh for the past thirty years. I consider Edinburgh my home.

Where did the idea for FORGIVING NANCY come from?

The original idea for 'Forgiving Nancy'' was born out of wanting to create a story a bit different to other love stories. I'd read many novels where so much of the story was about the obstacles a girl faces to get her man but finally she gets him, she gets married to him and she is happy ever after. However, I thought I'd try for a story where the girl finds her man with little difficulty then a marriage happening fairly soon but then troubles beginning to set into that marriage quickly. Although the novel has a happy ending much of 'Forgiving Nancy' is about conflicts and problems within a marriage. Maybe I was trying to show that marriage isn't a straight problem free route to happiness but at the same time things can eventually be worked out even when there are serious difficulties.

From start to finish, how long did it take you to complete the book?

I didn't write my novel in one stretch. For example, writing it intensely over a period of six months. 'Forgiving Nancy' was created more over a period of time. I'd write so many words but I'd have spaces of time between my writing sessions. Bit by bit, over a period which spanned a few years, I gradually made the whole novel. I was up against no deadline during my writing sessions and it was written in a leisured steady and enjoyable way.

Do you have a favourite character in the book?

My favourite character is Maxwell Elliot. Writing about this character is an inspiration in itself. He's such a one-off type. If I had to sit down to afternoon tea with one of my characters I'd want it to be with Maxwell because he is such an entertaining, knowledgeable character - he cuts quite a dash too because of all his wonderful clothes and his elegant disposition. In some respects I really think it is the personality of Maxwell that is the driving force of the novel.

What are you working on right now?

I'm writing the sequel to 'Forgiving Nancy' right now. However, I am writing this more in a full time way. Most days I am adding to the new novel. I'm aware that readers who have already bought the first book may well be waiting for the second. I'm very much enjoying writing the new book, I'm loving being with the characters again - particularly Max.

Tell us about your writing day.

My writing day starts about 9.00 a.m. I write for several hours from then . Most days I stop for an hour to have lunch. Often I take a coastal walk at lunchtime. Then, I return to be with my characters in the afternoon and continue writing until around 5.00 p.m.

Any advice for budding authors?

 I think the main advice I would give to budding authors is to get writing, whether it is writing up a diary or writing towards the making of a novel. Once you make writing something you routinely do then it keeps the whole creative wheel going around and around. It keeps ideas circulating in the mind. One you begin to write in this way, as something you naturally do then greater the chance there is of creating a novel.

Thanks to Janice Cairns for this great insight into her book and writing. Janice is very kindly offering some great prizes for a Valentine's Day giveaway! The 1st Prize is a paperback copy of the book PLUS a bottle of gorgeous Coco Chanel Perfume! The 3 runners up will receive a paperback copy of the book and the best bit............the competition is open internationally so everyone can join in! Wohooo!

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  1. Fab giveaway and a fab book Janice

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  4. Edinburgh is my favourite city in the world. Great interview with Janice!

  5. Great interview and fabulous giveaway, Janice. I visited Edinburgh for the first time last year and found it absolutely beautiful. I will definitely go back and stay longer! Good luck with the sequel of Forgiving Nancy.

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