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Outside The Box by Various Authors

Release Date: 20th Feb 2015

Publisher: Women Writing Women
Genres: Women's Fiction, Anthology

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Seven authors, all with impeccable writing credentials, present their anthology called OUTSIDE THE BOX: Women Writing Women 

We've each proved our worth with awards, fellowships, teaching posts and commercial success. We've all self-published to keep our hard-earned independence and our artistic identity. Now we’re teaming up for an ebook collection of our full-length fiction featuring a diverse collection of unlikely heroines. There’s no one genre.  Each novel is a character-led page-turner. 

We want to prove that fine, original writers are creating work of value and quality. And we want to entertain you.

The anthology will be available for 90 days from February 21, 2015.


BLUE MERCY by Orna Ross
The book: Mercy stands accused of killing her elderly and tyrannical father. Now, at the end of her life, she needs Star, the daughter she fought to protect, to know what really happened that fateful night in 1989. 
The author: Orna Ross writes novels, poems and the Go Creative! book series. The Bookseller calls her "one of the 100 most influential people in publishing" for her work with The Alliance of Independent Authors.
CRAZY FOR TRYING by Joni Rodgers 
The book: A regional bestseller short-listed for the Barnes & Noble Discover Award. In the 1970s, a troubled young woman heads west to create a new identity and shake off the burden of her mother's radical past, but love and loneliness take her life in an unexpected direction.  The author: Joni Rogers hit the New York Times bestseller list with her cancer memoir Bald in the Land of Big Hair.  She is also ghost-writer of numerous other bestsellers and founder of the League of Extraordinary Authors. Joni lives in Houston, Texas.
The book: In this work of literary fiction, a brilliant pianist’s career is ended by injury. She turns to a mysterious healer and faces the possibility that her life is someone else's past incarnation. The author:  Roz Morris earned her spurs as a ghost-writer, selling more than four million books writing the novels of other people.  She is a writers' mentor and a radio show host, and she teaches writing masterclasses for The Guardian newspaper. 
THE CENTAURESS by Kathleen Jones 
The book: Bereaved biographer Alex Forbes goes to war-ravaged Croatia to research the life of a celebrity artist and finds herself at the centre of a family conflict after she uncovers a mutilated photograph, stolen letters and a story of indeterminate gender, passion and betrayal. The author: Kathleen Jones lives in Italy and is a Royal Literary Fund Fellow.  She is best known for her award-winning biographies, and has also written extensively for the BBC.
The book: Alison gave up the chance to be a prima ballerina when she became pregnant and turned to prostitution to provide for her child, but the tempting hope of a better life may come at a terrible price.
The author: Jane Davis won the Daily Mail Award for her first novel, which secured her a publishing contract. She has now gone on to self-publish four other novels and isn’t afraid to tackle the trickiest of subjects.
The book:  Diagnosed with cancer, Sanjay has no time to waste. Laure is a successful lawyer, Harriet is a struggling freelance writer, and Karen is a single mother of four. Before they can find a soul-mate, they each need to confront who they really are. The author: Carol Cooper is a London-based journalist and award-winning non-fiction author.  Her debut novel was a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards 2014. In her spare time she’s a doctor.
WHITE LADY by Jessica Bell
The book: Sonia, unfaithful wife of a Melbourne drug lord, yearns for sharp objects and blood. But now that she’s rehabilitating herself as a “normal” mother and maths teacher, it’s time to stop dreaming about slicing people’s throats. Easier said than done. The author: Jessica Bell is an Australian novelist, poet, singer/ songwriter /guitarist who lives in Athens, Greece. She is Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal and author of the bestselling Writing in a Nutshell series. 
OUTSIDE THE BOX: Women Writing Women (February 20, 2015 for 90 days) £7.99/$9.99 from Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and more. Pre-orders on Amazon from January 12.
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Some of the lovely authors have answered a few questions for us!
“What made you self-publish instead of going down the traditional route?”

Kathleen Jones:
In traditional publishing it's easy to be trapped by what your publisher wants to sell.  The publishers I worked with only wanted me to write biographies of women.  This was, apparently, what my readers expected.  Moving to self-publishing gave me the opportunity to explore the fictional ideas I had whizzing around in my brain, and it also allowed me to work on the biography of a man.
At first, I was prejudiced against self-publishing, I’m ashamed to say.  Almost losing my biography of Katherine Mansfield because of the recent upheavals in the world of publishing made me re-think this. I’d also written a novel everyone loved – The Sun’s Companion – and which received ‘rave rejections’ from several big publishers.  It was clear that it was more than good enough to be published, just not commercial enough to be taken on in a changing world. Everything I’d been told about good books always getting out there in the end suddenly seemed false. I put the novel up on the peer review site You Write On and it went straight into the top five best-sellers.  Once I took the plunge into the Indie world, I’ve not regretted it for a moment.   
That’s a very striking cover. How did you choose it?
Jessica Bell: As the designer of the cover, I wanted to go for something that was literal, symbolic and of course, something that was attractive. When I came across the image of the woman I knew it was perfect. I really love the symbolism of her holding up a sketch of herself. It's almost as if it’s saying we have written our souls into our books. 
Why do you write?
Orna Ross: Why I write: Because it keeps me saneIf I didn’t write, I’d probably be in a twelve-steps programme or on some very strong medication. The activity of turning words into sentences, stories and poems has made, and kept, me sane and happy for twenty-five years now. I know if I hadn’t taken to it as I did during my troubled teens, the side of me that likes to snivel and snark, dramatise and despair would have been given far too much time out in the world. Thanks to writing, I’ve done most of my drama on the page.
Why I Write: Because it’s magic
Those of us who are lucky enough to be literate can take writing for granted. We forget it is magic of a very advanced kind. These dark marks on a light page manage to hold millennia of knowledge, wisdom, information, opinion, emotion, inspiration and entertainment — and all capable of being communicated to each other across time and space.  
As a human breakthrough, the invention of writing ranks with that of fire. It enabled us to create complex social structures, fundamentally changing how we live together. Without writing, there would be no science, no history, no cinema and, of course, no literature. Writing enables us to know which human attributes we share across history and geography and which are unique to our own people and places. It is the human achievement that literally underwrites the others. And I get to do it. Every day.
Why did you get together for this compilation?

Carol Cooper:  This is a small group of acclaimed indie authors whose work I hold in the highest regard. I love their varied ways of telling a story, and what each of them has to say about the lives of women. There’s no one genre.  What unites the writers is their desire to craft their fiction to be the best it can be. This set of books will be thought-provoking and hugely entertaining. How could I resist being part of it? I’m thrilled to be in this elite group.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Women Writing Women (February 20, 2015 for 90 days) £7.99/$9.99 from Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo and more. More information on
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