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People We Love by Jenny Harper
Release Date: 25th January 2015
Publisher: Accent Press
Genres: Contemporary Fiction

Blog Tour: People We Love - Jenny Harper + Giveaway!

Jenny Harper is back with the fourth instalment in her popular Heartlands series.
People We Love will be on tour for the next few weeks, visiting some of the best and brightest book blogs for reviews, guest posts and a colourful giveaway!
What they say:
For readers of Jojo Moyes, Jodi Picoult and David Nicholls, you will love Jenny Harper's People We Love. Her life is on hold – until an unlikely visitor climbs in through the kitchen window.
A year after her brother’s fatal accident, Lexie’s life seems to have reached a dead end. She is back home in small-town Hailesbank with her shell-shocked parents, treading softly around their fragile emotions.
As the family business drifts into decline, Lexie’s passion for painting and for her one-time mentor Patrick have been buried as deep as her unexpressed grief, until the day her lunch is interrupted by a strange visitor in a bobble hat, dressing gown and bedroom slippers, who climbs through the window. Elderly Edith’s batty appearance conceals a secret and starts Lexie on a journey that gives her an inspirational artistic idea and rekindles her appetite for life. With friends in support and ex-lover Cameron seemingly ready to settle down, do love and laughter beckon after all?    

Shoes in ‘Women’s Fiction’
Guest Post by Jenny Harper

Much overdone. Clich├ęd. Stereotypical. Boring. The perennial love affair of women with shoes has long been a topic in fiction. When JK Rowling guest edited Woman’s Hour last year, one of the topics was ‘The Myth and Power of Shoes’ One editor turned down People We Love because she felt that ‘shoes have been done to death in women’s fiction’. Well … maybe. But I wonder if she’d even read the opening chapters? Because if I were asked what People We Love is about, I might say ‘dealing with grief’, I might say ‘friendship’ or, indeed, ‘a love triangle’. I might say it deals with difficult issues such as dementia, and I might talk about why my heroine, Lexie Gordon, loves vintage so much. (It’s not just a style thing, nor just an urge to be thrifty – she loves the feeling that the previous wearer has left something of their own spirit in the garments.) I might, indeed, talk about shoes – but only because, as the invitation to Lexie’s art exhibition at the opening of the book says, ‘Shoes tell stories. Stories of tiny, much-loved babies who can’t even walk, of the tottering steps of little children towards adulthood, of special events in our lives, of dances, and marriages and mountain climbs and escapes.’ So yes, my new novel does feature shoes. In fact, there’s a catalogue entry at the start of each chapter that features just about every kind of shoe from baby’s bootees to clown shoes, from the white clogs worn by a surgeon during operations to the serviceable old Clark’s shoes her father wears as he soldiers on through life. And it does feature a pair of Manolo Blahniks. But it’s not about shoes. If you want to discover why the Manolo’s are important… sorry, you’ll have to read the book for yourself.  

Author Bio:
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Jenny Harper lives in Edinburgh. She is the author of four books about Scotland and Scottish culture, a history of childbirth, and The Sleeping Train for young readers. When she isn't writing, she enjoys walking in the Scottish countryside or anywhere warm, and travelling to Europe, America and India.

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