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The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour
Release Date: 1st January 2015
Publisher: Silverwood Books
Genres: Historical Fiction

1815 - On the bloody fields of Waterloo, a battle-weary canteen mistress of Bonaparte’s Imperial Guard battalions must fight to free her daughter from all the perils that war will hurl against them – before this last campaign can kill them both.
“Superb! David Ebsworth has really brought these dramatic events to life. His description of the fighting is particularly vivid and compelling.”  (Andrew W. Field, author of Waterloo: The French Perspective and its companion volume, Prelude to Waterloo: Quatre Bras) 
A novel of action and intrigue based on the real-life exploits of two women who fought, in their own right, within Napoleon’s army. 
Includes a Battlefield Tour Guide for those wanting to follow the route taken by the story’s main characters or to visit the sites of the 1815 Waterloo Campaign.

I am not usually a fan of historical fiction but I must say, after reading this book, I have really changed my mind! David Ebsworth has created such brave women, particularly the fiery character in Marianne Tambour that I could not help but feel that I was there, on the battlefield with her. She was definitely as brave and fearsome as any man, fighting for her life and the lives of those dear to her. Indeed, the women in this book are anything but weak. Throughout the telling of this story, the reader is witness to the savagery of war and the costs it brings. Some of the scenes are graphic but then so is war! Marianne has an equally fearsome adversary in  Liberte Dumont who I found to be an interesting and equally compelling character.
David Ebsworth's attention to detail in this book is amazing and if I didn't know anything about the Napoleonic wars beforehand, I certainly do  now! Written so beautifully, his writing style instantly transports you to this period in time. I can only imagine the amount of research required to write such a book and David Ebsworth's skill at dissecting all the relevant information and turning it into something as terrific as this book is clearly evident. This telling of the story of war through the experiences of two women will pull you in right from the beginning. Before reading this book I had no idea of the part women played in such battles. I shall definitely be looking out for more of David Ebsworth's writing after reading this intelligent, eloquently written and interesting book with an amazingly story.

David Ebsworth is the pen name of writer, Dave McCall, a former negotiator and Regional Secretary for Britain's Transport & General Workers’ Union. He was born in Liverpool (UK) but has lived for the past thirty years in Wrexham, North Wales, with his wife, Ann. Following his retirement, Dave began to write seriously in 2009.
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  1. Thanks for this review, Debbie, and glad you liked the book. I'm happy to pick up any comments - and congratulations, by the way, on a brilliant blog!

  2. It's a wonderful cover. Tells me a great deal.

  3. Thanks Mary. I was pleased with the cover. Design care of the fabulous Cathy Helms (Avalon Graphics) in North Carolina

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