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Release Date: 12th April 2015
Publisher: Troubador
Genre: Fiction, fantasy and adventure for ages 8-12.

Guest Post + Giveaway

First of all, I ´d like to thank JB for inviting me to tell you about my novella, The Mermaids of Tamesis.  It´s the first in the Trilogy of the Tamesis fantasy series.
I never imagined in a million years that I´d ever publish a book. Ever since I left the cocoon of university I´d always wanted to have a nice job in Whitehall.  I envisaged myself in my own office, sitting in a nice swivelling chair and wearing a pinstripe suit.  

To say that I was an avid reader as a child is a massive understatement. I was book bonkers!  I used to save up my pocket money to buy the latest fantasy paperback – I´ve got the entire Chronicles of Narnia series and I read The Lord of the Rings way before it became really famous. Unfortunately my enthusiasm for books began to die when I hit secondary school and we were made to read The Rats of Nimh – for me it was a real book passion killer.  But the turning point came when I did A-Level English Literature and Ibsen appeared on our set text list.  I began to despise books in a big way.

I first started writing The Mermaids of Tamesis in 2002. At the time I was stuck in the dullest job in the universe, ironically by then it was a not so nice office job in Whitehall and yes I did get to wear that pinstripe suit! Then, one lunchtime, I had a eureka moment whilst sitting under a tree in St James ´park, London.  I got out my notebook and started to scrawl down a few ideas.  I´ve always loved the sea, I was born in Hastings, which provides the backdrop for my story. Every summer we would spend some time there and I would look out to sea and wish that some exciting adventure would happen, something that would lift me out of the boredom of a family holiday.
I guess you could say that the Mermaids of Tamesis would be my 10 year old self´s idea of a rollicking good holiday.  I was and still am interested in stories which could transport me to a different world.  I like to feel that I am living in the fantasy world created by the writer. Escapism is a big thing for me.

About the Book

Do mermaids really exist? You´re about to dive into the mysteries of the sea to find out….
When miserable Marina Blue discovers that she is about to be dragged away on holiday to a dismal cottage on a windy clifftop, she yearns for something amazing to happen in her dull life. 
Unexpectedly, help comes in the form of her creepy next-door neighbour, Runa Rockbottom, who gives her an unusual mermaid pendant.
Then, one unremarkable day, from a clifftop Marina spots a shoal of extraordinarily large fish.
But are they fish or are they…mermaids?
Do mermaids even exist?
Does the strange pendant have the ability to attract mermaids?
Marina embarks on a mission to find out.  A mission that unwittingly catapults her into The Something Else shop where she meets action hungry Ricky Rock.  The pair embark on an adventure to find the mermaids. 
But an evil duo hell bent on stealing the precious pendant to capture the rare blue-tailed Mer-Goddess are hot on their trail. They are after her tail which has powerful youth-giving properties.  But to extract the precious elixir from her tail they need to kill her first.  According to legend when the Mer – Goddess dies so does the entire shoal.
Can Ricky and Marina save her in time?
Follow Ricky and Marina on their epic adventure in the uneventful seaside town of Rock-a-Nore as they uncover the secrets of the pendant in their race against time to save the Mer-Goddess and Mer-kind from doom.


In the wake of her previous incarnations as a one-time usherette in a local theatre, soft furnishings exporter, diplomat, professional Salsa instructor, Tarot reader and more recently, a secondary school teacher of Spanish and business studies, Marion now teaches English in the oddball region of Almeria, Spain.  

When she isn´t writing, Marion enjoys hiking in the Andalusian hills, doing Zumba (don´t get the two confused!) and looking after her little family; her beautiful and curious baby Jorge and husband Jorge. The Girl with a Twirl is her second published novella.
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Marion loves to hear from her readers. Send her a message on Facebook or catch up with her on Goodreads.

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