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Praise Her, Praise Diana by Anne Rothman-Hicks & Ken Hicks 
Release Date: 16th October 2014
Publisher: Melange Books
Pages: 308
Genres: Thriller / Mystery

Call it life imitating art—author Maggie Edwards publishes a chapter of a book detailing seduction, murder and castration by a protagonist named Diana, and suddenly a woman code-named Diana begins to mimic her actions in real time. Women who have been abused find Diana to be an inspirational figure, and begin to fight back in her name. Soon violence erupting throughout New York City threatens to spiral out of control. As the police try desperately to identify Diana, Maggie's high-powered lawyer, Jane Larson, finds herself at the centre of an investigation that threatens to upend the entire world around her.
Recommended for readers 18+


Praise Her, Praise Diana is one of those books that shocks, mesmerizes and makes you go 'ohhhhhhhh' all at the same time! Its definitely not a book for the faint-hearted with some pretty graphic scenes. The book covers such topics as rape, abuse, feminism, sexuality and of course love. Diana is killing men in revenge for being raped. She isn't just killing them though. She is hunting them. Stalking them. Murdering them without mercy or remorse. And, she appears to be copying the murders in a book that author Maggie Edwards is writing. Diana is obsessed with ridding the world of abusive men and her call to fellow feminists seems to spark interest in an extreme feminist group who appear to take her at her word and become her 'followers'. The book plays host to many strong female characters.

The book is interesting in that it explores Feminism to the extreme and makes us question what justice actually means. How far should one person go to get that justice? Is the punishment justifiable? Does it fit the crime? This is a gritty book that sees female vigilantes taking a stand against men who have committed sexual crimes against women. Are they doing the wrong thing for the right reason? That is the moral dilemma the reader will face. An intriguing read and one I really enjoyed. Definitely a book that will make you sit up and take notice and will have you thinking about it long after you have finished it. This book is food for your brain and I love books that make me think about my own views and question what I would do if faced with a similar circumstance. My only gripe is that there are a host of characters in the book to get your head around but that was more to do with me than the book. Highly recommended but only for readers of 18+.



Anne Rothman-Hicks and Kenneth Hicks have been married for a little over forty years and have produced about twenty books and exactly three children so far. At press-time, they still love their children more.
Their most recent novels have been set in New York City, where they have lived for most of their married lives. Anne is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College where, in nineteen sixty-nine, as the fabled Sixties were drawing to a close, she met Ken, who was a student at Haverford College. They don't like to admit that they met at a college mixer, but there it is!

Together their books include Theft of the Shroud, a novel; Starfinder, a non-fiction book about the stars for children; a series of books on individual names for children (for example Michael's Book, Elizabeth's Book, John's Book, Jennifer's Book, David's Book, Amy's Book); and, most recently, Kate and the Kid, Mind Me, Milady, and Praise Her, Praise Diana, three adult novels, and a middle reader/tween novel, Things Are Not What They Seem.

Ken and Anne have a website with the address set out below. There they have links to some of their books and display images that they hope will be used in future efforts. In case you were wondering about the website address, "R" is for Rothman, "H" is for Hicks, and 71 is the year of their marriage. No secret codes or numerology anywhere. Sorry.


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