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Trust Me by Margaret Watson

Series:  The Donovan Family: Book 4
Release Date: 5th November 2014
Publisher: Create space Independent Publishing
Genres: Romantic Suspense

I am very pleased to welcome Margaret Watson to the blog with this interview. 


 Do you write under your real name or is this a pen name you use?  

 I write under my real name, Margaret Watson

Where are you from? 

 I grew up in Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago.  I still live in the Chicago area.

List 3 interesting facts about yourself.  

 I'm a veterinarian.  I love to ski – I was getting ready to move to Colorado to be a ski bum when I met my husband.  I have three daughters,  and two of them are twins.

What was the first thing you ever had published? 

 It was a Kismet Romance for Meteor books.  Personal Best is still available as an ebook.

Do you have a writing routine?  I write every day.  

 I'm at my desk by 10 AM usually, and I write until 5:30 or 6.  With breaks, of course.

Do you have any writing rituals?  I have one ritual that works for me.  

 I have to play solitaire on my computer before I begin writing.  I play until I win, then I jump into the book.  If I'm stuck on a plot point, I play solitaire.  I think it bumps my brain into writing mode – tells it, okay, this is serious now, get busy.

Where did the idea for your most recent book come from?  

 My most recent book is Save Me.  It's the seventh Donovan Family book, and it features two secondary characters from Cover Me.  I couldn't get them out of my head, so I wrote their story.

Who was the first person you shared your book with?  

 I have two friends who read my books as I write them.  The first person who reads the finished product is my husband.

Do you have a current work in progress?  

 I always have a current work in progress.  This one is untitled, but it's about secondary characters from Trust  Me.  I'm having lots of fun with them!

Do you have any advice for budding authors? 

 I always tell budding authors to read, read, read.  Not just in the genre you want to write, but other genres as well.  Reading gives you a sense of the rhythm and flow of words and sentences.
The other advice I give is to write.  Your first book is probably not going to be published.  Maybe not your second or third or fourth, either.  I've read that Jayne Ann Krentz, one of my favorite authors, wrote six or seven books before she sold one.  You learn so much with each book you write.
And write every day, even if you only have a half-hour.  Writing is a habit, and the more you write, the better you'll get.

About the Author

I love being a writer!  That moment when I get an idea and it begins to crystallize into a story is a burst of adrenaline like no other.  I've published thirty-seven books, and that lightning bolt at the beginning of each story never gets old.
After writing thirty books for Silhouette and Harlequin, I'm now writing a series about the Donovan family, siblings who are all in law enforcement in Chicago – four detectives and one FBI agent.  They're sexy romantic suspense, with a big helping of family.  I've finished all the siblings' books, but I can't bear to let the family go.  So I'm working on books featuring secondary characters from the first six books.
I've wanted to write since I was a child, but a love for animals and a fascination with medicine led me to become a veterinarian.  I love that career, as well, and my job has provided me with lots of inspiration for my books.
I live in a Chicago suburb with my husband and a variety of pets.  When I'm not working, we spend our time visiting our adult daughters, traveling and hanging out with our friends.

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Book Blurb Trust Me

Raine Taylor has one goal – justice for her murdered sister. She knows Genie's husband strangled her and left her in an alley – Peter had been threatening to kill his wife for years. The police said there was no proof Peter Northrup killed Genie. So it was up to Raine to make him pay.

When Detective Connor Donovan answers a call about a trespasser outside Northrup's house, he finds a woman running down the street. When he tries to stop her, he's left holding her hoodie as she strikes out like a ninja then vanishes like smoke.

Connor quickly realizes Raine is his mysterious trespasser. Now he has to figure out why she was outside Northrup's house at three A.M. Raine isn't his usual criminal – she's a schoolteacher who coaches a tae-kwon-do team of under-privileged girls. And he's wildly attracted to her.

Raine needs to stay away from Connor. She has a plan to deal with Northrup, and she can't get involved with a cop. But like two magnets drawing together, she can't resist him. Can Connor help her find justice for Genie? Or will her sister's killer claim another victim before they can stop him? 

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