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Orion's Gift by Anneli Purchase

Release Date: 10th August 2012
Publisher: Acquiline
Genres: Romance

I am thrilled to share an excerpt from Anneli Purchase's book! Check out that amazing book cover! I love it!


When Sylvia receives a letter with bad news she knows it is time to leave her husband and her California home. She’ll find no support or comfort there. She escapes to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula with no firm plans except to get away and live in her camper van.

Kevin, an Alberta hardware store owner, has been given good reason to divorce his abrasive wife. He flees to Baja.

Here the stars align and the two unhappy runaways meet and fall in love. But each has a big secret that can’t be shared. Not yet. 

To make things more complicated, the lovers are being pursued by their unsavoury ex-spouses, who want them back for less than noble reasons.

Will their new love be strong enough to withstand the forces sent to tear them apart? Will the secrets they are keeping come between them? 

Enjoy the trip to Baja while you find out Sylvia’s and Kevin’s fate in this page turner of romantic suspense.


Hundreds of sleek bodies broke the surface only to curve and dive down immediately and reappear a few yards farther on. Kevin cut the motor again and we drifted, a mere speck in the middle of the huge Bay of Conception, closer than we had hoped to a huge school of dolphins, all aiming for the head of the bay.
“Listen to them!” I whisper-shouted to Kevin. The mewling, whistling, singing, and crying, as they repeatedly broke the surface of the water, was an eerie choir piece. Hauntingly beautiful, it gave me goosebumps in spite of the warm day. Kevin’s face mirrored my feelings exactly—somewhere between awe and ecstasy. My mind was suddenly in turmoil, balancing this rare and precious moment with the realization that I probably had few of them left. Peaks of happiness and bottomless pits of misery played havoc with my emotions.
My eyes filled with tears. “Thank you for bringing me out here. That was so beautiful.” I lowered my head. Just needed a moment.
“It would have been a shame to have to enjoy this all alone,” he said.
Still trying to come to terms with the amazing spectacle we had just experienced, we sat a moment longer watching the last of the dolphins disappear in the distance.
“Uh-oh!” Kevin pointed towards the open end of the bay. “Whitecaps.” He started the motor and turned the skiff towards home. Within minutes, the breaking waves had moved much closer and the glassy smooth surface changed to ripples that grew into an uncomfortable lump. I’d heard San Diego fishermen talk about the lump in the sea. Now I knew what they were talking about.
“Hang on,” he said. “It could get bumpy. I’ll take us to the nearest point of land and then we’ll work our way home along the beach.”
I gripped the gunwales of the boat where they began to curve towards the bow. We bucked into the choppy whitecaps that had now overtaken us. In no time, the sleeves of my blue cotton shirt were soaked from the spray. Two-foot waves didn’t seem like much but they followed one after the other so briskly that the small skiff took a pounding. My stomach clenched into a knot of fear as we were tossed in every direction. I tightened my grip against the bouncing of the boat. More waves splashed over the bow, soaking the front of my shirt. I was glad the water was warm. It would have been an ordeal to be splashed with icy water every few seconds. The finer spray wet my face so the drops were running off my chin. I glanced at Kevin in the stern of the boat. He was completely dry except for a bit of salt spray in his hair. He looked so good and I could only imagine what I looked like. Drowned rats came to mind.

Author bio

Anneli Purchase lives on Vancouver Island in western Canada. She has written four novels and is working on her fifth. She enjoys camping, fishing, gardening, and photography. Outdoor life plays a role in much of her writing.


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