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The Unravelling by Thorne Moore
Release Date: 21st July 2016
Publisher: Honno Press
Genres:  Domestic Noir

From the Top Ten Bestselling Author of A Time for Silence

The Unravelling

When they were ten everybody wanted to be Serena’s friend, to find themselves one of the inner circle. But doing so meant proving your worth, and doing that often had consequences it’s not nice to think about – not even thirty-five years later.

Karen Rothwell is randomly reminded of an incident in her childhood which just as suddenly becomes an obsession. It takes her on a journey into a land of secrets and lies; it means finding that gang of girls from Marsh Green Junior School and most importantly of all finding Serena Whinn.

Praise for Thorne Moore’s novels

‘A true page turner’–
‘The most chilling part of Thorne Moore's skill is the way that she represents evil' – Helen Tozer, sideline jelly

Karen Rothwell is not a well woman. Living in her own world, a book hoarder with a childhood she can barely remember. That is, except for a friend in school...........the wonderful Serena Whinn. Many years later and in her forties, an incident while carrying her shopping from her car, triggers off a series of memories about Serena and her 'inner circle' of friends at school. Memories that trigger off a series of events that Karen feels she is hurtling towards with no way of stopping herself. Finding Serena and the other girls in the group becomes all consuming for Karen.  But, she doesn't fully understand what is happening to her. Karen is not a well woman who is plagued with mental health problems and although she has a support network in place, namely her social worker and a local bookshop owner, Karen struggles with every day life. However, there is one place she feels safe and that is in Gems bookshop.  Here Karen can lose herself in a thousand stories when life becomes too much. But always, gnawing away at the back of her mind are memories of Serena...........and a murder that may or may not have taken place. Karen is unsure whether she can trust any of her memories now but is determined to find out exactly what happened to her as a child.

Let me just begin by saying one thing about this book.....WOW!! Totally had me hooked from page one and I finished the entire thing in one day. I could not put it down. Thorne Moore's writing had me as obsessed with what was going on with Karen as Karen's own obsession with the truth and at times I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck prickle as the truth became apparent. The story is told in the first person with flashbacks to Karen's childhood and the perceived angel that was Serena Whinn. Karen is an extremely complex person who has been shaped by her childhood experiences or lack of memory of her childhood. I could fully understand how she felt at peace with herself whilst lost in the pages of a book. Her extreme book hoarding at home appeared to fill an emptiness in her life and again I could fully understand the comfort that might bring (as I looked around my own piles of books scattered everywhere!)

The title of this book is perfect as the reader is part of Karen's journey in not only unravelling the truth about her childhood but as Karen so aptly described her life when things were tough as 'unravelling.' This was such a good book that was dark and brooding and a little frightening if I'm honest. The manipulation and deceit of the children in the story is actually very chilling. Karen's life is full of flashbacks and frenzied sketches of memories and people from her childhood. She is desperately trying to put it all together and the reader is easily drawn into Karen's sense of panic as things not only begin to unravel but also take shape at the same time. Brilliant! Highly recommended if you love a good psychological thriller! An excellent piece of writing!


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Thorne Moore was born in Luton but has lived in in the back of beyond in north Pembrokeshire for 32 years. She has degrees in History and Law, worked in a library and ran a family restaurant as well as a miniature furniture craft business, which is still in Production, but she now concentrates on writing psychological crime mysteries.

Twitter: @ThorneMoore
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