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The Magic of Ramblings by Kate Field
Release Date: 8th September 2016
Publisher: Accent Press
Genres:  Contemporary Women's Fiction

Running away can be the answer if you run to the right place...

When Cassie accepts a job as companion to an old lady in a remote Lancashire village, she hopes for a quiet life where she can forget herself, her past and most especially men. The last thing she wants is to be drawn into saving a community that seems determined to take her to its heart - and to resuscitate hers...

Frances has lived a reclusive life at Ramblings, a Victorian Gothic mansion, for over thirty years and now Barney is hiding away there, forging a new life after his medical career ended in scandal. He doesn't trust the mysterious woman who comes to live with his rich aunt, especially when she starts to steal Frances' affection - and maybe his own too...

The Magic of Ramblings is one of those books that is difficult to put down. Like the magic of the house, the book draws you in and wraps its arms around you and offers you comfort as it did Cassie. The story begins in an intriguing way when Cassie applies for a job as a ladies companion in a big old mansion. She is running away from a past that threatens to catch up with her and Kate Field has cleverly woven little snippets of what she is running away from to pique the readers interest right from the very beginning.

Cassie builds up a warm and affectionate relationship with Frances, the lady of the house but is not made welcome by Barney, her grumpy and very hostile nephew who is suspicious of Cassie and her motives for taking the job. However, underneath his hardened exterior lies someone with a past he is also running from. Throughout the book there is a warm and loving community where both Cassie and Barney feel renewed and drawn to the heart of the community despite their best efforts to resist. Cassie's very desperate loneliness, particularly at the beginning of the book was heartbreaking and I couldn't help feel invested in her character. It was great to see her as a character evolve and become stronger. Frances was such an interesting and worldly wise old character and I loved her! Sometimes she was a bit abrupt but Cassie didn't seem to take much notice of it. She simply got on with things. Not sure how I would have felt about someone telling me how awful my hair was and getting someone in to fix it!

I really enjoyed this book and its very obvious right from from the beginning that Kate Field is a very talented writer. Highly recommended.


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Kate Field lives in Lancashire with her husband, daughter, and a recently arrived Russian Blue kitten, who may prove so distracting that she never has time to write again. The Magic of Ramblings is her first published novel.

Twitter: @katehaswords

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  1. Thanks for such a lovely review! I'm glad you enjoyed it. x

  2. while sorry I missed the giveaway, I am adding this to my overflowing TBR pile, near the top

  3. Thanks for commenting, Laura. My TBR pile is enormous too! I hope you enjoy Ramblings. x

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