Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Dog with the Golden Eyes by L.M Kay
Release Date: December 2016
Genres: Children's Fiction / Mystery

Nicholas James Corrigan is a small boy who doesn’t speak. One day he meets a strange dog and discovers they can understand each other's thoughts. Nicholas James was a key witness to a crime when he was little and now The Man Who Did the Very Bad Thing is back and looking for him. Can his faithful new friend protect him? There’s only one way to find out!


Nicholas James is a small boy who lives with his aunt. Clearly traumatised by 'The Very Bad Thing' he witnessed, he no longer speaks, communicating via a notebook. His aunt is of course very loving and caring and just wants Nicholas James to be happy. One day they come across a dog who decides to be a part of their lives and Nicholas James can hear the dog talking to him inside his head. He soon grows to love his new friend and likes having him in his life. The dog gives him confidence and seems to know exactly what he needs and wants. Then one day, Nicholas James sees 'The Man Who Did The Very Bad thing' and together with the Dog with The Golden Eyes he sets out to have the man arrested for his crime.

This is a delightful children's book with a deep message and an exciting story for children over the age of 7 years old. Its the story of a scared, lonely and deeply affected child who finds friendship in a dog. The dog helps him overcome the heartache in his life and gives him courage to find the man who caused his heartache and to face his biggest fear. A great book to read aloud to children with some sweet illustrations. This book will teach all children that they are never truly alone and that courage comes from the unlikeliest of places. 


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L M Kay is a pen-name of Lesley Tither, who also writes adult crime fiction under the pen-name L M Krier. She lives in France with her two border collies, Fleur and Rosie.

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