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Paradise Prison by Faith Mortimer
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Release Date: 7th January 2017
Series: Dark Minds #4
Publisher: Topsails Charter

Following an almighty row, Gillian stands up to her abusive boyfriend. The consequences are horrendous and far-reaching.

Terrified, she flees her home, seeking anonymity abroad while coming to terms with the outcome of her actions.
In Portugal, Gillian meets Harry, a yachtsman. Needing crew for his Atlantic Ocean-crossing she applies for the job. Half-way into the journey, after confessing to her crime, Harry offers her refuge on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean which he says he owns.

Confused and depressed, Gillian imagines this is the answer to her problems. She needs time to lie low and consider her options; confront the authorities or live in obscurity? Harry is offering the perfect hiding place…or is he? 

When things start going horribly wrong, she asks herself if she is alone on the island. But maybe the biggest question of all is why she gets the gut feeling Harry wants to keep her there at all costs? What happens when she says … no.

Paradise Prison is the type of book where the tone of the entire book is set out within the first chapter. The reader is immediately thrown into the hell that is Gillian's life. Living with an abusive and controlling boyfriend, she is virtually a prisoner in the relationship. Her only two friends are allowed to see her with her partner present. When a situation gets out of hand, Gillian is forced to flee to Portugal. Here she meets the enigmatic Harry who agrees to provide her with passage on his yacht in exchange for her cooking skills. Food however is the last thing on Harry's mind. Has she exchanged one type of prison for another, albeit more exotic one?

Dealing with some pretty raw issues such as domestic violence and psychological abuse, this book will make you gasp with shock on occasion. Faith Mortimer really builds up the suspense and feelings of despair for Gillian and the predicament she finds herself in with lots of little clues along the way that Gillian is going to find herself in some very hot water. 

There were times when I felt Gillian was being totally gullible but given the position she found herself in she was out of options in terms of what she should or could do. And, given her history it isn't surprising that she is drawn to Harry and ignoring some of the obvious signs that he is not all he seems. Soon she is under his control too. 

The character of Harry is written wonderfully leaving the reader unsure like Gillian what his agenda actually is. When we find out the truth it is truly horrifying. The ending was a little surprising for me and brilliantly shocking and although I'd liked to have seen one or two other characters have a much bigger role, I though this was a brilliant book.  I could not put it down and was intrigued by what it must have felt like for Gillian on the island. How absolutely chilling! Well done Faith Mortimer on a great book! 

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Faith is a British author dividing her time between Hampshire, England & Cyprus. Since 2005 she turned her hobby of writing into a career. During childhood, she dreamed of writing novels which readers would love, & spent many hours writing short stories which she read to her sisters. Born in Manchester & educated in Singapore, Malaya & Hampshire, England. Amazon Top #14 author rank for mystery, #27 mystery, thriller & suspense, #55 literature & fiction #5 bestselling author on Nook Books. Faith's books have made the Kindle Top 100 Paid List numerous times.

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  1. Super review - thanks so much! Faith Mortimer

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