Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Murder at the Mystery Bay Hotel by Marcia Spillers
Series: Mystery Bay series #1
Release Date: 18th January 2017
Genres: Cozy / Amateur Sleuth Mystery
Can Delphie Beauchamp, a Texas born research librarian fresh from a break-up with her two-timing boyfriend, help best friend and newly elected Chief of Police Em Landry, solve a double homicide in the old Mystery Bay Cemetery? Chief Landry needs Delphie's help in solving the murders, along with determining why specific graves from the early eighteen-hundreds have been vandalized. Her canine best friend in tow, a twenty-two-pound dachshund named Huckleberry, Delphie heads for the tropical island of Mystery Bay, Florida where she begins a journey that includes a pinch of gold, a touch or romance, and a wallop of ghosts, in a race to solve the mystery, of the Mystery Bay Hotel.
The smell of the ocean, crisp and briny like a jar of pickles, held just a hint of murder in the air. I picked up my luggage from the small carousel inside the terminal and opened the glass door of the Mystery Bay International Airport. The sultry, mid-October sunshine hit me all at once, along with the sweet fragrance of the red, frangipani trees that bordered the edges of the sidewalk. Amazing how paradise was just a plane ride away.
“God, what a beautiful day.” I dropped my suitcase on the pink-hued coral sidewalk and pulled out my sunglasses. Before I could slip them on, Huckleberry, my twenty-two pound, red Dachshund whined for me to take off his winter sweater. Poor little guy. The outfit worked great for the chilly October weather in central Texas but not the south Florida humidity.
“Sorry, Huck.” I unhooked his leash and pulled off the sweater. Stretching out his long body, Huckleberry trotted over to the nearest hibiscus bush and hunched over.  Seconds later he sighed in relief. 
I coughed and fanned the air. Guess he wasn’t that hot in his sweater after all.

If you are looking for a quick, easy and enjoyable read then this book is perfect for you! Delphie (love that name!) has arrived in Florida to help her friend Em get out of a double murder charge. Em is the police chief so can't investigate the crime herself and is desperate for help in clearing her name. Cue Delphie and her adorable Dachshund Huck to the rescue. Immediately upon beginning her investigations, Delphie is thrown smack bang into the middle of mystery, ghosts, threats and riddles! Oh and lets not forget a love interest too. Despite trying to recover from a broken heart, Delphie can't help but be drawn to her dashing knight in shining armour. But, is he too good to be true? 

There are plenty of people intent in stopping Delphie from uncovering the truth and she and Huck find themselves in a few sticky situations. The characters in this book are very sweet and I loved Huck! A real cheeky, sassy dog! Delphie was a fun character who did make me laugh and the story kept me entertained. I did find myself reading it in a Texan accent! If you enjoy cozy crime and love a good old mystery with a touch of the supernatural then you'll like this book.


Marcia Spillers has been a Librarian/Archivist for more than twenty years.  Currently a school librarian, she lives in Austin, Texas with her two chows, Bella and Susie Bear.  Marcia spent seventeen years in south Florida perfecting her writing skills, along with completing the Writer’s Program at UCLA.

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