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Well, it had to happen sooner or later............Brook Cottage Books was going to hit a milestone at some point. And, I'm pleased to report that the milestone has been reached today............I woke up this morning to 500,088 page views!

When I started this blog on the 1st December 2012 I never imagined the direction it would take. My love for books simply could not be contained and my desire to read as many as I could and share what I thought with the world meant that Brook Cottage Books has become a labour of love. Yes it has taken over my life completely but I'm happy to let it do so.

Over the years, Brook Cottage Books has evolved into more than a book review site, now organising and running virtual book tours for authors and offering a range of other services as well as book reviews and guest authors. I have such an amazing team of tour hosts who support me so much and are so professional in every post that they put together. They are my bookish family and their love for books is as great as my own. What an amazing bunch of people. If anyone is interested in becoming a tour host then please do get in touch. We have a fantastic private facebook group too where we get to chat all things bookish and offer each other support. My tour hosts also receive a monthly newsletter with the chance to win a prize!

Brook Cottage Books has created a virtual family too for authors and other bloggers and friendships are formed and connections are made.  The support I have received over the years from everyone has been breathtaking. Support not only from other book bloggers but also from authors too who keep coming back time and time again to book tours. They trust me with their book baby and for that I am truly honoured. I hope I do you and your book proud.

The world of book blogging and book tour organising is a strange world.  A world where there is nothing but support and kindness from other bloggers. There's never any competition from other tour coordinators either. Just friendship and support. You'd never get that in any other job! If anyone had told me back in 2012 how much Brook Cottage Books would take over my life and my heart I would have laughed. So, thank you all so much for getting me to this point and making Brook Cottage Books all it is. Love you all. x

As a special thank you to everyone I'm running a little competition! 
Prize 1 - For authors - Win a free 5 day book tour in 2018
Prize 1 - For readers / bloggers - Win a £20 / $20 Amazon Gift Card
Prize  2- For Authors - Book a tour for 2018 and get 6 weeks free book cover ad space
Prize  3 -for readers / bloggers - £10 / $10 Amazon Gift Card 

*If its not clear from your entry option whether you are a reader / blogger or an author I may seek clarification from you if your name is chosen. Many thanks for entering.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Wonderful and well deserved xx

  2. Congratulations!! having been on both sides of the service - so to speak- I have to say I am much impressed; very professional, very eye-catching promotions. Highly recommended.

  3. Congratulations! I love being a Brook Cottage Books tour host as it's like being part of a family. A big book loving, book obsessed family!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments. I love my bookish family. x

  5. I am a Brook Cottage Books tour host and I've always enjoyed working with you!

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