Friday, 29 September 2017

Lonely Hearts by Gwyn GB
Series:  D.I Falle
Release Date: 15th July 2017
Publisher: Chalky Dog Publishing
Genres: Crime

Brings a whole new meaning to killing with kindness.
Meet Rachel. She loves animals and works at a dating agency bringing lonely people together – only somebody is watching her every move and she’s scared…
Neil didn’t see who killed him – but his murder brings DI Claire Falle on the case. What she uncovers leads her to discover that a serial killer is preying on the clients of the dating agency where Rachel works.
Can Claire work out the connection between all the deaths before Rachel becomes the next victim?
And what is it in Rachel’s past that haunts her?
As DI Claire Falle investigates the lives of the dating agency staff and clients, she is pulled into a tangled web of loneliness and deceit which will have devastating consequences for someone.

In the book we are introduced to Rachel who is constantly looking over her shoulder, convinced that someone is watching her. Even inside her own home she is almost a prisoner, locking herself inside and almost afraid of her own shadow. Her friend Neil is murdered and DI Falle is called into investigate. Claire Falle is determined to make sure this case is taken seriously, haunted by a previous case. Could Rachel's stalker and Neil's murderer be connected to the dating agency Soulmates?

I really liked the flashbacks within the story and felt so sad for the situation Rachel was left in, looking after her father when she was a mere child, both stricken with grief over the sudden death of her mother. These flashbacks provide the reader to some insight into who Rachel is, giving her character real substance.

D.I Claire Fallon is a likeable character and one not without her own set of problems. Living with her partner, also in the police force, her life isn't turning out quite how she had planned. Suddenly thrown into a domestic situation she does not find fulfilling at all, she is desperately trying to find a way out. However, the distraction of a murder investigation and trying to find out just who is stalking Rachel leaves Claire desperate to make a good impression with her squad and try to put personal difficulties to one side. She resolves not to make the same mistakes she did with a previous investigation. 

I really enjoyed this book. It had enough going on to keep me interested with good steady pacing and lots of interesting and complex characters. The book had lots of twists and turns and at times had me completely confused as to who the killer might be. I love books that can stretch me and frustrate me at the same time and this book certainly fits the bill. The ending made me want to scream at the top of my lungs and now I'm desperate to read the next book in the series! I was really drawn to the author's writing style and would highly recommend this book to crime lovers who want a book that will grip them right to the very end and leave them wanting more! 

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Gwyn GB is a writer living in Jersey, Channel Islands. A native of the UK she moved to the island with her Jersey-born husband, geriatric dog, two boys and goldfish. 

Gwyn is a former national and international newsreader for BBC TV and ITN in London and Jersey. She's also freelanced for national newspapers and magazines in the UK, once had her own magazine publishing business and has a PR diploma. She is currently working in the digital industry while writing in her spare time.

Gwyn is also the author of 'Islands'.

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